How to sell your car online

How to sell your car online

Updated on April 22 2024

METRO MANILA, – Are you planning to upgrade to a new vehicle? Or are you strapped for cash at the moment?

Then why not sell your car online? It’s a lot easier than creating a classified ad in the newspaper. But before you post, here are some things you need to do first.

Inspect your vehicle

You may have kept your car running all these years, but everything in this world eventually deteriorates.

That shiny paintwork may be faded because of the elements and your interior may not be as inviting as it used to be. In addition, that clatter from the engine could be a sign of neglect.

That’s why it is very important to check and fix any problems before letting anyone see it. Additionally, clean areas that have accumulated a lot of dirt over the years.

Better yet, get your car professionally inspected. This allows you to address problems and make the sale a lot easier. Remember, a pristine car will be harder to haggle over.

Research the value of your car

If you bought your car for P2 million pesos a few years ago, don’t expect to sell it at the same price today.

Regardless of the brand or model, the value of cars usually depreciates after some time. This is because manufacturers improve their products all the time to beat their competitors, which means new technology that is not available in old models.

That makes older cars less appealing to consumers. By searching for your car’s current value on the Internet, you will be able to set your expectations and price.

View other listings

Go to your favorite social media platforms and see how other sellers are advertising their vehicles.

Read the description, look at the photos and see how people react to the ad. If you can see something that gets a lot of attention from potential buyers, try to incorporate these techniques for your ad.

You can also watch video tutorials online on how to sell your car so that you can get more ideas.

Work with a credible used car dealer

If you want to get a good deal on your pre-loved car without the hassle of selling it yourself, consider talking to a respected car dealer like Automart.PH.

Our Sell-My-Car program is here for situations like these. Just go to our website and enter your beloved car’s details to get your pre-inspection appraisal.

Should you agree with the pre-inspected appraisal amount, you may bring your car in for an inspection or even have our mechanics pay you a visit. You can even receive your money on the very same day. It’s quick, easy, and safe!

We also offer a wide selection of used cars at great prices, ranging from compact cars to pick-up trucks, that suit your needs.

You can also get Automart.PH Certified Used Vehicles, which are restored until they feel like new again. They also come with a three-day money-back guarantee and, for Gold Certified units, a one-year warranty.

Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan and Content Creator Kyle Liong contributed to this story.