Important maintenance services for every vehicle

Important maintenance services for every vehicle

Updated on April 18 2024

METRO MANILA, – Do you want to prolong the life of your automobile? Great!

One of the easiest ways to do this is proper maintenance. Nowadays, there are numerous services available to help you extend the life of your vehicle.

But do you need to spend so much money for them all? Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Some maintenance must be done according to a time interval (six months, one year), while others are based on mileage.
  • Vehicles that are driven more aggressively or in harsher conditions may require more frequent or specialized services.
  • Some services are required as part of a strict maintenance schedule so that your car runs smoothly.

Let us show you the ways you can keep your car in great shape.

Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS)

This is one of the services that should not be overlooked if you want to drive worry-free. Aside from the usual oil change, the PMS also includes a thorough inspection of other major components like brakes, transmission, tires and suspension.

Bring your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop or mechanic. If your vehicle fails any part of the inspection, the shop can help you make the necessary repairs.


Certain parts on your vehicle will wear out and need to be replaced after a certain time or mileage. These include components like fuel filters, spark plugs and high-tension wires.

A tune-up not only replaces these components, but also allows the mechanic to adjust the settings on the engine so that it runs more efficiently.

Brake jobs

Brakes are another critical component of your vehicle. Faulty brakes can kill you, your loved ones or anyone else you may hit.

One of the things you need to check out are the brake pads and shoes. These rub against the brake disc or drum to slow your car down. If these are too thin, they must be replaced promptly to maintain proper braking performance.

The discs should also be inspected for warping or grooves. These can cause the car to judder or pull to one side under braking.

Radiator flushing

The radiator is in charge of keeping your engine cool.

It does this by coursing coolant in channels throughout the block. Over time, deposits can build up in the radiator system, causing blockages that can lead to overheating.

One way to prevent this is to regularly flush the radiator out. This will remove any accumulated dirt in the system and ensure that fresh coolant is always running throughout the system.

Tire repair or replacement

Finally, don’t forget to use good tires on your car.

If you’re unsure if your tires are still serviceable, bring your vehicle to a reputable shop to have these checked. Issues can range from uneven wear to insufficient tread depth.

And make sure that all your tires are correctly balanced and aligned after you replace them.

Keeping any car on the road, whether brand-new or second-hand, requires careful maintenance by the owner. It also helps to buy a car that is already reliable to begin with.

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Automart.PH Senior Content Creator VJ Bacungan contributed to this story.