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Mommy Guide: Ten useful ways to make a car baby-friendly

Mommy Guide: Ten useful ways to make a car baby-friendly

Sure, traveling from point A to point B with a newborn is more difficult than it was in your younger days of spontaneous road vacations. However, just because you’ve welcomed a new member into your family doesn’t mean you need a brand-new automobile right now.

You can still use your vehicle the way it used to be. This time though, several precautions must be made to protect your bundle of joy from any harm or other form of a vehicular accident. Continue reading this article and find out ten useful ways to make your car more baby-friendly. Thus, allowing both of you to travel safer and more conveniently. Are you excited? Alright! Sit back, relax, and let us begin with today’s discussion.

1. Think about keyless ignition.

In case your car does not have this option readily available, it’s worth looking into a keyless ignition. Consider this: There will be no more frantic searches for your keys at the bottom of your purse as your infant squeals in the backseat.

To start the ignition, all you have to do is press a button—as long as the keys are anywhere near you. Remember, staying cool is the first step to driving safely, therefore it can save your lives to have such convenience.

2. Be organized all the time

No matter how old they are, kids bring a lot of stuff with them when they travel, whether it's a toy or a book.

With that, it's best to keep the car free from clutter. For instance, look for items that can be secured to the back of the seat and place the toys there. Alternatively, consider repurposing a hanging shoe organizer to hold bottles, pacifiers, baby wipes, small toys, and other travel items within reach.

Those tricks may look simple but, doing it will surely make a huge difference if you are traveling constantly with a child.

3. Shield your baby’s skin from the sun’s rays.

Just like you, your baby also needs proper protection from the sunlight. Their skin is delicate and sensitive, especially during the first stages of their lives. With that said, avoid bringing him out in the sun without sunscreen. This also applies even though they only stay inside your vehicle most of the time.

Though windshields are made to filter UVA radiation, side and back windows are not. This is the reason you need to purchase a sunblock, created for babies or kids. (That goes for adults too). Even if your car’s windows aren’t tinted, you may use inexpensive stick-on sunshades to help block out the sun.

4. Drive with caution.

When the baby arrives, it’s a good idea to review your auto insurance coverage again. Your agent can advise you on whether changing your policy’s deductible and liability limitations now that you’re transporting a new passenger is a good idea.

Also, don’t overlook any traffic or road signs regardless of you are in a rush to go to a particular location or not. Remember, those things play a vital role in keeping both of you safe on the road.

5. Use the technology to its full potential.

Back in the days when bulky DVD players are among the most sought-after form of entertainment for both kids and adults, it is no longer a must-have for long-distance trips with a preschooler.

Thanks to the advancement of technology. A headrest-mounted tablet case keeps the screen out of their hands while maintaining a movie playing within their field of vision. Even small babies love the sound of white noise while traveling. This is an effective way to keep your child happy—until the tablet runs out of battery.

That being said, always keep a tech travel kit on hand, complete with a backup battery, USB cable, and car charger, to ensure you never have to cope with that modern-day horror.

While it is true that devices can be used as a distraction to keep them occupied, it’s better to avoid offering something that could be dangerous because it might scare them instead of bringing entertainment while you are driving.

6. Maintain a clean environment.

Sure, we all eat in the car now and then, but you can’t fathom how many crumbs you’ll be dealing with after you have children.

As such, install an inexpensive plastic liner on the floor that can easily be lifted and shaken out to make cleanup a breeze (and to protect the carpet from innumerable milk and juice spills).

Kick mats or front seat covers are the first lines of defense when it comes to preventing dirty shoe prints.

Remove any items that could cause a tripping hazard. Cleaning your car will not only keep pests away but will also make it easier to find your belongings and store baby gear.

Getting your child to stop kicking the back of your seat, on the other hand, is another story. And probably, something that requires more than a simple swipe or vacuum cleaning.

7. Secure your child in a car seat.

It is general knowledge that placing babies or children in car seats keeps them safely belted up. However, it is critical to ensure that the car seat is suitable for your child and that it is installed correctly.

To protect your child from airbags, the car seat should never be put in the front seat, but rather in the back. On the other hand, newborns are more secured if fastened in a rear-facing posture.

Conversely, it is strongly suggested to acquire a new car seat rather than a used one because all the parts are still intact, giving your child real safety.

8. Have your windows tinted.

Yes, sunlight is good but, too much exposure can be harmful to your baby as well. It will not only cause severe discomfort but keeping his eyes open for a long period will be difficult for him. With that said, consider having your windows tinted by professionals.

When getting your windows tinted, make sure they comply with the law. By doing this, you can avoid getting in trouble while keeping your baby happy and protected against the sunlight at the same time.

9. Make sure you have everything you need.

Always keep some baby supplies in your cars, such as a feeding bottle and milk powder. It is also beneficial to carry a bag that can fill up a thermal flask, wet wipes, extra diapers, changing pads, and clean clothes.

If you’re going to be out for a while, make sure you have a stroller with you. This will help carry your child whenever you get exhausted.

10. Keep the interior safe.

Since frequent traveling with your infant in a car can cause scratches on the leather seats, it’s a good idea to protect them with seat covers.

Seat covers made of neoprene, for example, are resilient and supple, and stains may be readily removed.

While you’re at it, don’t forget about the flooring. Floor mats are useful for keeping your vehicle’s floorboards from sand, mud, and even baby messes.

Floor mats can also be used to move baby strollers, playpens, and other equipment.

Yes, traveling with a baby is quite a challenge but, you can surely get through with it when you follow the above-mentioned tips.

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