Push Start Ignition - What You Need to Know?

Push Start Ignition - What You Need to Know?

Updated on April 18 2024

By Melvin Magadia for Automart.PH

Car thieves and burglars have become smarter and more resourceful in going about with their wicked plans on your car. For this reason, car manufacturers have introduced push start ignition to add both safety and convenience.. Despite this, not every driver is confident with this new feature. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.

Advantages of Push Start   

Pioneered by Siemens in 1995 and introduced by Mercedes Benz in 1998 under the name “Key-less Go.” push start ignition is quickly replacing the traditional twist car key setup. According to Edmunds.com, push-button ignitions are either standard or optional in 72 percent of 2014 cars and trucks in the US. We expect this to grow even further in the coming years, and we will not be surprised if this technology becomes standard in 100% of cars on the road.

With that said, for those who are still skeptical about it, here are some of its advantages:

1. It has enhanced security features

Push start technology contains safeguards to ensure that your car does not start without a recognized key. The key fob is the only way to start your car because it contains a unique code which also contains a transponder, which in turn, is recognized by your computer’s vehicle.

This technology is called an immobilizer. While some traditional twist keys may have it too, you are guaranteed to have it when you have a push start vehicle.

2. Automatic Locking Option

Some push start button systems offer an automatic locking feature. After walking some distance, the car automatically locks itself. In addition, you can control your vehicle’s lock status from a long distance.


Like other technologies, however, push start technology is not foolproof. Here are some of its limitations:

1. Your Car Is Still Not 100% Safe

A keyless entry may save your car from thieves, at least at the moment. But it won’t always be that way. As car technology improves, so do car thieves and their techniques.

With cars becoming increasingly dependent on computers, and some are even virtually computers on wheels, they can be susceptible to hacking. Chips in your key or car can be cloned which could potentially trick your car’s immobilizer into thinking that it is being started with a legitimate key.

2. Fob Replacement Can Be Costly

Yes, the electronic fob and technology is already included in the cost of the vehicle, but like any other component, it will be needing replacement at one point in time or another. This can have slightly increased costs compared to a traditional twist key.

A push-start ignition has increased security, but is not a one-stop solution to deterring car theft. The technology is still just primarily for convenience. Now that you know the advantages and limitations of a push-start ignition, it all boils down to your personal choice, for now.

Content Editor Kyle Liong contributed to this story.


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