Review: 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GLS

Review: 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GLS

Updated on June 12 2024

It's a familiar sight on Philippine roads, and it's also the second best-selling sedan in the country. This popular four-door has been around for quite some time, too, as it was first launched in late 2013. The car we're talking about is the Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

Mitsubishi's top-selling sedan was given a big facelift earlier this year. However, there is no denying the fact this this car is already about a decade old. And given that the competition has newer platforms and designs, it will be interesting to see how it holds up. A test drive is in order, then.

What we have here is the top of the line model, the GLS. But before we dig deeper into what is has (or hasn't), let's talk about that new face. The 2022 Mirage now follows the look of its much bigger brothers, the Xpander and Montero Sport. Mitsubishi calls it the Dynamic Shield design and it's been around for quite some time already.

The end result? It looks more angular and aggressive from the front, almost as if it's an all-new car. Mitsubishi made the effort of changing not just the bumper, but the sheetmetal as well. For instance, the hood has a new look, along with the fenders to accommodate the redesigned headlights. As for the rest of the car, it's the familiar shape we've been seeing since 2013. Mitsubishi did a few tweaks to the rear bumper as well. Curiously, the local-spec tail lights are the same as the pre-facelift model whereas the international models now use LED lights at the back. All in all, the changes are enough to differentiate it from last year's model.

Exterior changes are pretty obvious, but what about the inside? If you own the pre-facelift models, it will look very familiar for you. For the most part, it's the same interior since 2013. So for those expecting radical changes, you might be disappointed. On the flipside, that also means you don't have to bring out the owner's manual to get used it it all over again.

That said, there are new features inside the 2022 Mirage. The most significant update is found in the center stack. The Mirage now comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a big plus as more people look for those features in cars these days. Other changes include new graphics on the instrument panel and a phone function on the steering wheel. As for materials, it's all hard plastic, but that's a given in its class.

When it comes to space, the Mirage G4 is decent given its size and segment. There's more than enough space at the front, while the rear is still big enough for shorter adults to stretch out a little bit. What's even better in the G4 is its headroom, thanks to its bubble-like roof. And if you need to carry things in the trunk, it has over 400 liters of volume; which should be enough for a family of four and their groceries. However, it is worth noting that the cargo capacity is smaller than the Toyota Vios, Honda City, and Suzuki Ciaz. If you need even more space for your items, you'll have to consider the Xpander.

So the exterior gets a load of changes, while the interior gets a few tweaks. What about the engine? Well, it's still the same one that's been powering this subcompact sedan for the past eight years. It's the 1.2-liter, three-cylinder MIVEC that has 78 PS and 100 Nm of torque. In the case of this GLS, the only gearbox choice is a continuously variable transmission or CVT.

If you own the pre-facelift model, are you going to expect anything new when it comes to performance? The short answer is no, and that may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective. Power deliver and acceleration feel the same as before, so it might be disappointing for those who want more punch. On the flipside, that means it still delivers good fuel economy, and there won't be any issues with parts availability.

It's not fast, but it's easy on fuel. You will easily get 9 kilometers per liter even in relatively heavy traffic. In lighter conditions, it's an easy 13-15 kilometers per liter, and you can even get over 20 if you're very careful with the accelerator.

What about handling, you ask? The car brings you to point A to B without much fuss or thrills. In terms of driver engagement, this is an economy car that doesn't try to give you a sporty drive. Handling and roadholding is decent, and it's light to drive for easy day-to-day commutes. It won't surprise you by spinning out without warning, but it won't engage you. But as a daily commuter, it's totally fine. There are more fun choices out there, but the Mirage G4 should be fine for most. As for the ride, it's soft and comfortable enough for long drives.

All in all, the Mirage is adequate transport that should please people who simply need a car to move around. It won't please the enthusiasts, but not everyone is looking for a sporty drive. It's practical, spacious enough, and efficient, which is what most people look for in a car; basic transport, and nothing more.

Now for the subject of price. The Mirage GLS starts at PHP 899,000. Shocked? There are the lower-spec models that are less expensive. For instance, the GLX CVT is priced at PHP 819,000, while the GLX M/T is at PHP 769,000. If you're willing to skip features such as a push to start button, four speakers, a reverse camera, and a remote trunk opening switch, then those variants are worth considering.

But is it worth jumping to these new models? That depends. If you own one of the earlier models, it's definitely worth it. You'll appreciate the new details and features of the Mirage, regardless of the variants. But if you own a 2018 model or newer, have a good think about it. Those models are still good enough to stand beside the 2022 model. Of course, the new look makes it look younger, and that's enough for some to buy it.

If you're looking at used examples, you can get a G4 for as low as the PHP 300,000, and a year-old model can still set you back about PHP 550,000 to PHP 600,000. And if you're ready to buy one, you can always check out our site for second-hand Mirage G4 units.