The Face You See in Our Ads: Sir Beng’s Guide on How to Buy Used Cars.

Sir Beng’s Guide on How to Buy Used Cars.

Updated on April 16 2024

By: Careen L. Malahay, for

Alam mo ba na mas makakatipid ka sa pagbili ng used car kesa sa isang bagong sasakyan? A secondhand car is usually priced cheaper compared to newer models. Thus, giving you the most bang for your pesos.

While this is good news for most Filipino buyers, a used car, by definition, has faults from normal wear and tear. As a result, it’s critical to avoid making these costly blunders while shopping for a used car.

  • Overall Cost

Before looking around for a used automobile, whether from a dealer or a private owner on a website, consider all your financing options.

Financing enables you to determine how you can purchase that shiny vehicle without getting yourself into so much debt. If possible, no loan at all. This includes paying the entire amount in cash or borrowing money from a credit union or bank. An auto loan calculator can assist you in determining what loan term and interest rate will work best for your budget.

One thing to remember is that used car finance rates are often higher than new car loan rates. This is due to lenders’ desire for borrowers to purchase new vehicles. What’s the reason? It’s straightforward. If you fail to pay your loan and the lender needs to repossess the car, the resale value is still high.

Knowing your budget also makes it easier to negotiate a used car's price tag. Finally, keep in mind that you will be paying not just the total price of the automobile but the additional cost that may come your way. This includes fees for the transfer of ownership, as well as potential maintenance and repairs. Therefore, expect to pay more than the initial amount you have in mind.

  • Sales Talk    

If you’re buying a car from a dealership, keep in mind that you will encounter different salespeople. Some will guide you in choosing the right vehicle. Others, however, will do everything to convince you to purchase something more favorable for them than your needs. Unfortunately, many buyers fall for sales talk, only realizing their mistake once after the purchase.

To avoid this, research the specific car you are eyeing for. Please find out the current market value, availability of the vehicle in the Philippines, and other essential features it offers to potential buyers like you. Aside from that, it is also necessary to shop around instead of negotiating immediately with the first seller you find online.

Dealerships typically offer used cars at higher prices than private sellers. The trick here is to look for merchants that provide your dream vehicle at a discounted price. This way, you can save more money on your purchase.  

  • Mechanic check

While many individuals test-drive cars before purchasing them, some buyers forget to seek the help of a professional mechanic before closing the deal. Don’t commit the same mistake! Instead, hire a mechanic to inspect the vehicle you are eyeing, especially if the seller doesn’t offer this service.  

However, if you opt to purchase the used car from a dealership like Automart.PH, chances are, they will offer this service with a minimal fee. Grab it immediately! Doing so will help you save significant money in the long run.

  • Making Negotiations  

Another essential thing to remember when buying a used car is to negotiate over the phone or via email. When the vehicle isn't there, it's much easier to walk away, giving you the upper hand in making decisions.  

If you buy a used car from a private seller, the merchant is unlikely to be a professional salesperson. Thus, you can avoid buying something out of a sales talk. It is also easier to negotiate the price since you are dealing with the owner and not a car agent.

Yes, buying a used car is not easy at all. But the tips above will help you choose something suitable for your needs and avoid purchasing a lemon car.


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