Updated on April 19 2024

When buying a car, we prefer the one with a reasonable price. But more affordable doesn’t mean better. A low-cost car can require added expense in the future with growing repair costs, higher fuel demand, or high insurance charges. Whenever we buy, we usually have varying preferences. Ric Lazo of Automart shed light on how affordability and great purchase go together.

Value for Money Car

Japanese cars tend to be better, and affordable to buyers, with higher resale value as they don’t depreciate as fast. Value for money offers your preferences at reasonable prices. Factors contributing to the car’s value-for-money include safety and added features, appearance, fuel efficiency, cost of ownership, performance, and good resale market. Here are the top 5 value-for-money cars.

  1. Toyota Avalon (Php 1.7-2.1 M). It’s the best large-money car. It’s a combination of value and quality. It’s a spacious 5-seater, and infotainment system with a strong rating for reliability plus the long-term total cost of ownership. Toyota brand is the best-selling car of all time, with undeniable leadership in all regions of the globe.
  1. Honda Accord (Php 1.9-2.2M). This ranks at the top of the midsize car class, with a spacious, upscale interior, easy-to-use touch screen, and safety features. Honda cars don’t cost much to own. They are preferred cars among many and are considered as being dependable, great to drive, and well-built.  Honda’s success in the reliability index is chiefly down to low failure rates.

  1. Hyundai Elantra Hybrid (Starting price Php 1.2M). The least expensive hybrid and electric car but the best value for money car. Its trim level is one of the lowest money buys in its category. The cost of ownership is comparatively lower in terms of fuel consumption plus a powerful performance on the road. This car offers standard safety tech like lane departure warning with an assist, blind spot monitoring plus rear cross-traffic alert.  
  2. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 (Php 735,000-870,000). The model is impressive at this price tag. it has ample legroom for passengers, dual airbags with a touchscreen interface, and electronic brakeforce distribution plus ABS for safety.   Mitsubishi has gained “the 2021 distinction of a consumer-verified perceived quality and reliability rating of 76/100.” The top priority of Mitsubishi Motor is its safety features.
  1. Toyota Wigo (Php 570,000-695,000). Another best value for the ideal car model is Wigo. The second on the list of Toyota brands that are worthy to own. It’s worth the money for quality. Its affordability doesn’t miss the essential features of an ideal car, even with its base manual transmission variant that doesn’t lack on a pair of airbags, ABS, centralized door locks, fuel economy, and power windows, equipped with the infotainment system.

Final Thought

There’re cheaper quality cars being sold in the second market depending on your choice of make or model. Some Filipino buyers pick cars not only for convenience but also for high-end ownership. Most consumers however opt for reliable cars for the best value.  Should you ask someone what brand to look for in a reliable car, they will more often tell you to look for a Toyota or Honda model. Most patrons in the world prefer Japanese cars as more dependable and worth the price.

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