Updated on July 16 2024

Car owners should know how long tires last or break before you change them. Now, do tires’ choice and age matter? Automart’s Ric Lazo will take a look at this.

Your tires make the car moves; thus, they are prone to damage through years of driving. Tires take the direct friction when in contact on the road. It’s risky when they are worn-out. The front and back tires won’t tear evenly; the front and back tires carry different weights. Periodic inspection is the key.

Check the tread path regularly. Tread depth of the grooves below 1.6mm suggests replacement. They wear and tear easily on the pavement. Uneven tires aren’t good for safety reasons to avoid accidents. To allow the car to run in top shape, have them rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles.

Tire’s age and choice

Tires conditions are determined not only by the choice and age but also the driving habits, the tread design, climate, road conditions, and the manufacturers, among others.

  1. Age. Experts said that unused tires can last between 6-10 years depending on environmental conditions and storage. A spare tire that hasn’t been used within the period may be unsafe. A tire is 100% safe anywhere between 5-6 years based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, many manufacturers argue they can stay longer if annually inspected for issues and if unused the key is proper storage.

It’s possible that unused tires may expire sooner than expected. The years of exposure to environmental elements like UV lights, oxygen, and temperature contribute to rubber aging. When rubbers crack inside and outside, they cause steel cord corrosion or separation thus tire breakdown. Tires, used or otherwise, that are 10 years old must  be discarded absolutely.

  1. Choice/Quality. Driving around 12,000-15,000 miles yearly can wear out your tires’ treads in three to four years even if properly maintained. Soft rubbers used by some manufacturers can wear out faster than aftermarket tires. To avoid easy tears, get a quality choice tire. They come in different types. Off-road tires have thicker tread with deeper grooves convenient for all types of road. Low-profile tires, short sidewall with wide tread, are for cars to improve handling and performance. They look sleeker and classy. Other types of tires are all-seasoned, performance, and all-terrain tires, among others.

Choose the exact tires appropriate to your car. Quality brands are better and may last. They are more comfortable for a smoother driving experience. Higher quality comes with higher price. But, you can shop for other brands at low cost that are continuously improving in the market, which fits your driving style.

Final Thoughts

For tires to last longer, regularly maintain and know how to look after them. Pay attention to quality driving to achieve maximum benefits. Improper care can lead to shorter lifespan. Tire pressure affects the wear and tear of vehicles causing undue damage. For exigencies, make handy your emergency stuff like puncture repair kits, stable tire jack, extra tire, and other basic tools. Some helpful tips for tires’ are:

  1. Visually inspect and feel your tires for damage.
  2. Regularly check tire pressure.
  3. Maintain proper alignment of wheels and axles.
  4. Check the grooves for tread wear.
  5. Dispose of tires even when they look good. Knowing the age for it matters.
  6. Refrain from potholes, cuts, and dips scheduled service is necessary to avert breakdowns and costly repairs or replacement. Doing a routine check-up can assure you of an efficient driving experience for longer years.  Proper maintenance of your tires can help minimize wear and get a good gas mileage.  If the tread is wearing down, with bulges, chips, cracks, or uneven wear; it’s time to make a replacement. After all,  a tire's age matters and so with the right choice.

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