Why Automart.Ph?

Why Automart.Ph?

Updated on July 22 2024

Used cars, second-hand cars, repossessed cars, segunda-mano - however you call it - there's lots out there and there are many places you can buy them. Despite these choices, Automart.Ph is the best place for you to buy your dream car. Read on to know why!

Buyer benefits

Lowest Possible Prices

Lowest Possible Prices

1. Lowest Possible Prices. No Buyer's Premium.

We partner with major banks and large companies to ensure that we will always give you the lowest possible prices. We also get a small commission from them, so that we will NEVER MARK UP prices, ensuring you'll always get the lowest possible prices.

For many cars, we also do car auctions, so that you're sure you get the lowest possible price - bid low, as long as you don't get outbid!

For used car dealers, this is a great benefit too - now you can buy inventory at the lowest prices.

Automated Convenience

2. Automated, Fully Online Convenience

We've also automated as much of the process as possible. We even put all the photos and information of the cars online. This is to make it very easy for you to choose and buy your car from Automart.Ph. When you're ready to inspect your car more closely, you can schedule an inspection with us.

View Thousands of Cars from Your Seat

3. Thousands of Cars. One Online Site. Multiple Car Lots Nationwide.

Since we have multiple partners, we can offer you thousands of cars, in different shapes, sizes and prices, from cheap cars to expensive, luxury used and repossessed cars. We can give you access to all of them from just one site, and allow you to buy them all - again, fully online. See our footer for some examples of the brands and models that we carry.

Of course, we want to make it very convenient for you, that's why we have almost twenty used car lots nationwide! Please see the footer of our site for our locations.

Expert Mechanic Inspections

4. Expert Mechanic Inspections of Cars

No more headaches! We understand that quality assurance are big problems when buying used or second-hand cars. How would you know the quality of the vehicles? We work with independent, third-party mechanic-inspectors so that you can inspect together with them (or have them inspect the cars for you), so that you can have a certain level of assurance that what you're buying is worth the money.


5. Security

We understand how important your data and privacy are. We've invested in making sure our website has robust security settings. We are compliant with the Philippines' Data Privacy Act.

We hope we've convinced you to try and use Automart.Ph to bid on and win your next (few) vehicles. Do try us out!

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