Unionbank Used and Repossessed Cars For Sale Philippines

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Automart.Ph makes Unionbank’s Repossessed Cars available through Automart.Ph’s website. Unionbank will now have on-ground warehouse representatives of Automart.ph to upload the images of all new vehicles from the inventory of Unionbank.

To schedule a viewing for any vehicle that you wish to purchase or join bidding, you may contact Automart.ph’s customer hotline to immediately schedule a viewing date to inspect the unit of your desire.


Benefits of purchasing a vehicle through Automart.ph


  1. Immediate, Professional Customer Service. Fast Service.

    Our advisers are on-hand 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm to help you choose a car that's right for you. This is excellent customer service, at no additional cost

  2. Walang Patong. No Buyer's Premium.

    We will never mark-up the vehicles, so you'll always get the lowest prices from Automart.Ph.

  3. Partnered with UnionBank.

    We have direct and authorized access to Unionbank's warehouses and can sell you the repossessed vehicles directly and online, for your convienience.
  4. Mechanic Inspection.

    Optionally, and for a P700 fee, Automart.Ph can refer you to reputable to 3rd party mechanics to inspect vehicle conditions before purchase.
  5. Thousands of Cars.

    Automart.Ph has more inventory options than any other used and repossessed car sellers.
  6. Nationwide.

    Automart.Ph has warehouses are all over the Philippines, specifically Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao City.

Special Rules for UnionBank Sales

  1. The list of vehicles for sale, Bidding Rules and Regulations and bidding process are available at Automart.Ph.
  2. The motor vehicles are sold on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. As such, prospective bidders are required to personally inspect and examine the physical condition of the vehicle/s he is interested in and all related documents and evidence of ownership over the same. He is likewise required to make the necessary verifications with the appropriate government body or agency regarding the said vehicles including but not limited to the Land Transportation Office and the Philippine National Police. By submitting his online bid, the bidders are deemed to have conducted the necessary inspection and physical examination of the vehicle/s and ownership documents including the Official Receipts/Year Model/LTO Car Registration and have found the same to be acceptable..
  3. All bids must be submitted to https://automart.ph with the following process:
  4. If you haven't yet, sign up at https://automart.ph/login.
  5. Go to https://automart.ph/repossessed-cars/unionbank.
  6. Requests for inspection of units normally open Monday to Saturday 10 am - 5pm . Contact automart.ph at 0927-887-6400, (02) 7905-7940, or email contact@automart.ph. You may also schedule directly from the website.
  7. Deposit fully refundable bid deposit amounting to P10,000 per unit.
  8. Bid on unit(s) before Thursday 9am. You can also “Buy Now” to stop bidding and win the car immediately.
  9. Bid winners will be announced that afternoon.        
  10. Final determination of the approved bid shall be subject to the evaluation and approval of Unionbank.

Deposits and Refund

  1. Registration is completely free.
  2. A deposit of P10,000 is required and is fully refundable. 
  3. Interested Bidders may proceed/go to any UnionBank branch. Fill out a deposit form, with the below details
    QMarketz Corp.
  4. The refund will be deposited to the bank account of the bidder, should he/she be no longer interested to bid.
  5. Full payment of the purchase price plus P600 notarial fee shall be paid in cash and should be paid within three (3) banking days from award notice. Failure on the part of the buyer to fully pay within said period shall result in forfeiture of bid deposit and cancellation of bid.
  6. Steps in cash payment
    1. Proceed to any UnionBank branch. Fill-out bills payment form with reference no.
      1906322505001741 for auto-sales of full payment
      1906322505001144 for notarial fee of P600ph
  7. Email scanned copy of official receipts and one valid government issued ID to contact@automart.ph and ddvillamor@unionbankph.com cc. butch.cuevas@unionbankph.com for advance processing of gate pass and Deed of Sale.
  8. Proceed to UnionBank 25F for signing of Deed of Sale and pick up of gate pass. 
  9. Proceed to Jacob warehouse (Pasacola Road, Brgy Nagkaisang Nayon, Novaliches QC) Landmark: SYSU Marketing/ Mc Cormick Foods for release  out of unit.                         
  10. The buyer should remove the vehicle from the bank’s premises or its warehouse within two (2) working days from the date of full payment. Otherwise, a storage fee of ONE HUNDRED PESOS (P100.00) per day of delay shall be charged and collected from the buyer
  11. Transfer costs, registration fees, documentary stamps taxes and other expenses incidental to the sale and transfer of ownership from UnionBank to the buyer shall be the responsibility and sole account of the buyer.
  12. The Bidder acknowledges that UnionBank acquired the vehicles for bidding in absolute good faith and through foreclosure proceedings. As such, UnionBank does not warrant the legal and actual status or physical condition of these vehicles. The Bidder agrees that in the event that UnionBank’s ownership over the vehicles subject of the bidding is annulled, cancelled or invalidated by a competent body or government entity, he shall deliver the vehicle he purchased to UnionBank in at least the same condition that he received it, less reasonable depreciation or wear and tear without need of any demand. UnionBank shall, thereafter, return the purchase price to the buyer without any interest or charges.
  13. Additions or deletions to the foregoing bidding rules and regulations are not allowed unless the same bears the written conformity of UnionBank. Failure to comply with this requirement gives UnionBank the right to deny acceptance/approval of the bid.
  14. At any time, UnionBank reserves the right to revise any of the foregoing rules and regulations as it deems fit.
  15. UnionBank likewise reserves the right to withdraw motor vehicles from the list of cars for sale, at any time without need of further notice.
  16. Further, UnionBank reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive any formality therein, accept such bids as it may consider most advantageous to it, call-off a bidding prior to the final award of the winning bidder or call for new bids under amended rules for any reason it may deem proper.
  17. The decision of Unionbank shall be final and binding against all bidders.

1. Automart.Ph Novaliches, Quezon City Car Lot

  • No. Of Cars: Hundreds
  • Address: Jacob Warehouse Pasacola Road, Brgy. Nakaisang Nayon, Novaliches, Quezon City
  • Contact Person: Melchor Repia
  • Contact Phone: 0995-088-9003

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