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Unionbank Used Cars or Repossessed Cars for Sale Are Now Available via

Unionbank of the Philippines is now in ppartnership with in selling Unionbank repossessed cars in the Philippines.

Also commonly known as “ Repo cars “ or in tagalog; “ Mga na-remata na kotse “. Unionbank has now made it more convenient for the public to purchase Unionbank foreclosed vehicles to the public.

Looks like we don't have this item you are looking for right now, please look in to other pages for a moment uploads the latest inventories of it’s financial institution partners and makes all of Unionbank’s repossessed cars visually available through’s website. Unionbank of the Philippines will now have on-ground warehouse representatives of to upload the images of all new vehicles from the inventory of Unionbank.

To schedule a viewing for any vehicle that you wish to purchase or join bidding, you may contact’s customer hotline to immediately schedule a viewing date to inspect the unit of your desire.


Benefits of purchasing a vehicle through

  1. Immediate customer service response and procurement status reports at no extra cost.
  2. Selling price is at no extra cost. The same with the bank’s price unlike other sellers.
  3. Has direct and authorized access to financial institution’s warehouse.
  4. Faster on-ground scheduling. You don’t need to go through Unionbank’s customer hotline and wait in que to book a viewing schedule.
  5. Can provide referrals to 3rd party mechanics to inspect vehicle conditions before you purchase it.
  6. Has more inventory options than any other used car sellers.
  7. Automart.Ph warehouses are all over the Philippines, specifically Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao City.