Used and Repossessed Hyundai Accent For Sale Philippines

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Hyundai Accent at a glance

If you said Hyundai to anyone here in the mid-00s, chances are they'll immediately say Starex right after that. At the time, the South Korean automaker really didn't make a lot of headway in the passenger car market. However, that all changed when they launched the Accent in 2006. What made the Accent special was its standard turbodiesel engine, making it the darling of fleet and taxi operators of the era. Think of it then as the modern day Isuzu Gemini. Two generations have passed since the initial model was launched here, and there is also a gas engine option these days. Over the years, it has grown in size and become more comfortable as well. The current Accent was introduced in the Philippines in 2019. It boasted an all-new chassis but retained the engine line-up from the previous generation. The Accent has also moved upmarket with the Reina now becoming as the brand's least expensive sedan.

Good buy or goodbye?

It's easy to judge the Hyundai Accent all because of its country of origin. It may not be Japanese, but it doesn't mean it's unreliable or flimsy. If anything, a second-hand Accent can last a long, long time for as long as it's well taken care of by the previous owner. If there's one thing the Accent needs, it's a fair bit of preventive maintenance. Yes, there are several things that might put you off from buying a used Accent. For example, it seems that the gas-powered versions need a little more attention, and there are reports of the air-conditioning acting up from time to time. In the second-hand market, the diesels tend to have high miles, or worse, abused by its previous owners. That means the car is a ticking time bomb with an explosion of expensive repairs just around the corner. Also, avoid getting the models without airbags. So if you're buying a used Accent, we recommend the diesel models with a full service history and low miles. That way, you get the most reliable Accent CRDi for as little money as possible. The best part is, the diesel versions already come with airbags, so you don't need to second-guess. This version easily gets over 20 kilometers per liter on the highway, too. Tempting, isn't it? With used prices typically lower than the Japanese competition, the Accent is worth a serious look.


- Diesel option - Amazing fuel economy in CRDi versions - Reliable if well taken care of - Comfortable and easy to drive - Used prices are temptingly cheap - One of the more stylish subcompact sedans out there


- Needs a little more preventive maintenance - Gas engines seem to need more attention - Air-conditioning issues - Diesels often high-mileage/abused - Some models still have no airbags


1.4 GL M/T (no airbags) 1.4 GL A/T (no airbags) 1.4 GL M/T (with airbags) 1.4 GL M/T (with airbags) 1.6 CRDi GL M/T 1.6 CRDi GL A/T

Dimensions and capacities:

Length – 4,440 mm Width – 1,729 mm Height - 1,460 mm Fuel tank capacity – 45 Liters Ground Clearance – 147 mm


Engine - 1.4-liter, gas, 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve DOHC, Dual-CVVT / 1.6-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC, Variable Geometry Turbo Horsepower – 100 hp (gas) / 128 hp (diesel) Torque – 132 Nm (gas) / 260 Nm (diesel) Transmission options – 6-speed manual / 6-speed automatic Driven wheels – Front wheel drive

Approximate fuel economy and range:

City - 10.3 km/l (1.4 GL A/T) to 15.6 km/l (1.6 CRDi M/T) Highway – 14.9 km/l (1.4 GL A/T) to 21.9 km/l (1.6 CRDi M/T) Estimated range – 464 km to 986 km per full tank

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