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Used Kia For Sale Philippines


Here You'll Find a List of Used and Repossessed Kia Cars For Sale in the Philippines. Automart.Ph gives you Thousands of Lowest Price and Highest Quality Second-Hand Cars. Buy Online Now!

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In this article, we’ll go through what made Kia become suddenly the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world, and why you should consider buying a used Kia

15 years ago, nobody would have expected Kia to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Kia’s cars used to be one of the cheaper brands available, and that cheapness came at a cost―they simply were far from the best. And if you were someone looking for a car, cheap may have been attractive, but anything below from the best meant the brand being put in the list of brands you don’t want. 

Since then, Kia was actually saved from bankruptcy by another South Korean car company―Hyundai. This was during the South East Asian Financial Crisis during the late 90s. And since then, Kia hired the former designer of Audi and made him their chief designer. Design plays a big part in car sales, and Kia’s incorporation of their “Tiger-Nose” design made their sales massively increase. 


Perks of Buying Used Kias

The reason why Kia has recently gained popularity and why buying a used Kia isn’t a bad idea is because the car brand actually the car brand has gained the reputation of being one of the most reputable car brands out there. 

Kia is so reliable The Telegraph put them at number 3 out of the 20 of the most reliable car brands of 2017. In the Philippines, this may be lesser known because of how established other Japanese car brands like Toyota and Mitsubishi are, but perhaps you should consider the Korean carmaker too.


Top Used Kia Models 

  1. Rio

    Obviously, we’re going to pick Kia’s sedan. After all, the most popular segment in the market, despite SUVs slowly catching up, is still the sedan. The Rio is Kia’s compact sedan. Available as a hatchback and as a sedan, the Rio’s form factor is smart. Featuring a clean read end with LED taillights and a similarly smart front end. 

    We wouldn’t call the Rio elegant, but it is really practical given its size. Sporting a modern interior fitted with the latest tech such as USB charging ports, keyless entry, steering wheel controls for the infotainment and cruise control. It even has a telescoping steering wheel―a feature absent from competitors―so you can actually reach the wheel if you like sitting back. 



  2. Picanto

    The Picanto is easily one of the cheapest and smallest cars in the market right now. That said, the Picanto recently got a chassis upgrade, making it slightly longer. The Picanto comes with a small 1.0L 3-cylinder engine with a manual transmission or a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. The main perks of the Picanto are, because of its small size, its very fuel-efficient. The car is good for anyone looking for a city car. Because of its small engine, we wouldn’t recommend using the Picanto to go out of town often because small cars like the Picanto is prone to loud outside road noise and lack of overtaking power. 



  3. Sportage

    The Sportage might be critics’ most favored model in Kia’s fleet. Being a 5-seater SUV, the Sportage is not as big as a Fortuner or a Montero sport. But as its name suggests, the Sportage might be sportier, quicker and much more stylish. The Sportage is available as a gasoline and, for a little extra, a diesel variant. The Diesel brings with it much more torque and a more efficient fuel economy. 

    The Sportage comes with extremely elegant headlights, and taillights the feature a line bar that connects the two separate lights. The Sportage also comes with accessories that make it look sporty like dual-tip exhausts and a read skid plate that looks like a diffuser from a sports car. It’s interior features leather seats, drive mode select, paddle shifters, and Bluetooth connectivity. 




  4. Sorento

    The Kia Sorento is the Sportage's bigger brother. Having 7 seats instead of 5, the Sportage packs a much bigger read end. Overall the Sorento is praised for its performance and a quiet cabin. If you’re looking for a long road trip without the constant loud road noise coming from outside, then the Sorento is a good pick. It also packs smart features that stretch across all Kia’s cars as well as its premium-feeling cabin. 



  5. Carnival

    The Carnival, as its name suggest, is for a party. The carnival is a mini-van that, unlike the Sorento, comfortably seats all its passengers. If features pilot seats in practically all three rows of its cabin. The Carnival comes in two engine variants, a 3.0L V6 gasoline engine, or a 2.2L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel. The gasoline version is much quieter, but the diesel has much more torque. The diesel variant more efficiently carries the Carnivals heavy load, making it less thirsty when it comes to fuel. 

    Unlike other vans, the Carnival offers two sliding doors on both sides, however, the driver does need to note that the Carnival is a front-wheel-drive car. Which means it probably won’t grip as well around corners if you’re also simultaneously pressing the gas. If you’re looking for a minivan, the Carnival you should definitely consider. 




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