Used and Repossessed Nissan Navara For Sale Philippines

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Nissan Navara at a glance

The time between 2010 to 2016 was a significant moment for pick-ups in the Philippines. It was the time when most of the major players leveled up their pick-ups. Nissan was no exception when they launched the second-generation Navara. Every pick-up of the era had something unique to offer. In the case of the Navara, it was its rear suspension. Unlike the competition, the Navara had coil springs at the back instead of the usual leaf springs. It was revolutionary at the time and still unique to the Navara line-up. Only the Ford Ranger Raptor offers a similar rear suspension layout. The Navara was given a major facelift in 2021. It received a more aggressive-looking design, along with other enhancements under the skin. The updated Navara also gained a new off-road focused model, the Pro-4X.

Good buy or goodbye?

Expecting comfort from a pick-up was practically impossible back then. With leaf spring suspension, these vehicles were always expected to ride on the stiff side. But when the second-gen Navara was launched, it broadened the appeal of the pick-up by being more comfortable. So if you want a load carrier that rides well, the Navara has to be at the top of your list. However, the coil spring suspension does have its disadvantages. The rear sags a little bit more when fully loaded, and the payload capacity isn't the best. That said, it can still carry more than enough cargo at the back before the limit is reached. Also, you have to watch out for some Navara units with leaky shock absorbers. While we're on the subject of its issues, have its alignment checked as well. Pre-facelift models are a little lacking when it comes to noise, vibration, and harshness isolation. But all in all, the Navara is a good buy, especially for those who need a truck that won't break the back. It's one of the least truck-like pick-ups to drive, meaning it's not much of a hassle to drive despite its length. Also, the engine specs are class competitive and the seven-speed automatic is great for fuel economy.


- Coil spring rear suspension improves ride - Class-competitive engine specs - Packed with smart standard features - Reasonably fuel efficient - 7-speed automatic - Post-facelift models more refined


- Reports of wheel alignment issues - Some batches had leaky shocks - Noisy during cold starts - Refinement lags behind rivals (pre-facelift)


EL 4x2 M/T EL 4x2 A/T (2015-2021) EL 4x4 M/T (2015-2021) VE Calibre 4x2 M/T VE Calibre 4x2 A/T VE Calibre 4x2 Sport Edition M/T (2018-2021) VE Calibre 4x2 Sport Edition A/T (2018-2021) VL 4x4 Sport Edition A/T (2018-2021) VE Calibre 4x2 N-Warrior M/T (2019-2021) VE Calibre 4x2 N-Warrior A/T (2019-2021) VL 4x4 N-Warrior A/T (2019-2021) VE 4x4 M/T (2021-present) VL Calibre 4x2 A/T VL 4x4 M/T VL 4x4 A/T Pro-4X 4x4 M/T Pro-4X 4x4 A/T

Dimensions and capacities:

Length – 5,255 mm (2015-2021) / 5,260 mm (2021-present) Width – 1,850 mm / 1,870 mm (Pro-4X) Height – 1,855 mm Fuel tank capacity – 80 Liters Ground Clearance – 220 mm Wading capacity – 600 mm


Engine – 2.5-liter diesel, Inline 4-Cylinder, DOHC, Variable Turbocharger (VGS) With Intercooler Horsepower – 163 HP (EL, VE Calibre M/T, VE Calibre A/T 2015-2021) / 190 HP Torque – 403 Nm (EL, VE Calibre M/T, VE Calibre A/T 2015-2021) / 450 Nm Transmission options – 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic Driven wheels – Rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive

Approximate fuel economy and range:

City – 8.5 km/l (VL 4x4 A/T) to 9.1 km/l (VE Calibre 4x2 A/T) Highway – 13.4 km/l (VL 4x4 A/T) to 17.2 km/l (VE Calibre 4x2 A/T) Estimated range – 680 km to 1,376 km per one full tank


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