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Here’s why you should consider buying a used Subaru. 

Subaru is a Japanese car company that is the 21st largest in the world. It may be far behind its fellow Japanese competition like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Mazda, but Subaru has a history in making a few iconic models. 

It was in the ’90s when Subaru showed-off to the world models like the Subaru Impreza and Subaru Outback. The Impreza immediately gained popularity because of how it dominated Rally Racing at the time because of its groundbreaking all-wheel-drive system. The Forester also gained popularity in America because of its top-notch safety, great practicality, and four-cylinder boxer engine that gave the car outstanding balance.

Since then, Subaru may not be on time when it comes to sales, but they do still have excellent cars, especially for people who need the extra grip provided by that all-wheel drive.

Pros and Cons of All-Wheel Drive

You’re probably wondering, why would cars need an all-wheel drive? In situations where there’s isn’t much traction such as muddy or wet roads (or snow, for other countries), the car will have difficulty moving forward because the tires will slip when the wheels are given too much power and not enough grip, or if the car is too heavy. 


  • More traction

    Given that the power spread across all four wheels instead of two, the amount of friction used to propel the car forward is greater. Which means the car is less likely to slip.

  • Better acceleration

    Given that the car is also putting the power down on all four wheels, burnouts or wheel slip is will be very little hence, they will be able to accelerate faster,

  • Safer

    This is the main reason why people get cars with an all-wheel drive. When cars have better grip, they have less chances of losing control because of loss of traction. Better traction means safer driving and handling. 

  • Better exits after cornering

    This is true, at least, on most normal roads (asphalt and concrete). If you’re in the middle of taking a corner and you push the gas pedal, having an all-wheel drive means you’ll be less likely to oversteer or understeer. 


  • All-wheel drive systems are generally heavier

    Because you need more parts to send power from the engine to each wheel, it also drives the weight of the car up. Which means less overall efficiency and to a certain extent less acceleration. 

  • More expensive

    Because of the additional technology, and additional parts required to make a car an all-wheel drive, they tend to cost more. Some car manufacturers only offer the all-wheel drive as an add-on for some of their models and not something that's standard to their line-up. 

The all-wheel drive system is something consumers now are realizing is nice to have. Nowadays, most SUVs come standard with all-wheel drive because of how essential it is when it comes to traversing low-traction environments with a heavy load, or for just the sportiness it grants. 

Top 5 Used Subaru Models

  1. XV

    The XV is a very popular mid-sized SUV that comes with five seats and a lot of trunk space. The XV also recently got awards for having one of the highest safety ratings. With the XV’s relatively low ride height for an SUV, the XV rides less like an SUV and more like a sedan. This means that the XV is lighter to drive. The weight of the car doesn’t hinder the car’s maneuverability. Its suspension is firm, but not harsh and can easily absorb bumps.




  2. Forester

    The Forester is one of Subaru’s popular models. Being slightly bigger than its little brother, the XV, the Forester has better trunk space, power, and an overall stance. The Forester is significantly comfier according to critics claiming that its a lot quieter due to the layers that dampen noise. The Forester also has a good ride height, having 8.6 inches of ground clearance. 




  3. Impreza

    Being Subaru’s compact sedan, the Impreza is a model that dates from the 90s because of the model’s dominance in rally. Since then, the Impreza has had a hatchback version, but now it seems to be going to stay as a humble sedan. It has a read-end with tail lights that look a lot like the XV’s crab-claw ones. Even its headlights, at first glance, make it look like an XV but lower. The Impreza no longer, however, boasts the power it used to have back when a hatchback STI version was offered. So if you want something sportier, go for the WRX. 




  4. Legacy

    The Legacy is Subaru’s midsize sedan, and much like most midsize sedans is it offers a very comfortable ride. But unlike most midsize sedans in the market, it offers all-wheel drive as standard.




  5. WRX

    Boasting body kids, four-tip exhausts and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the WRX packs around 300 horsepower. Aside from the sporty look, feel and style, the WRX can definitely also be practical given that it’s still a sedan. The WRX still brings with it practical necessities such as four doors, seats good enough for five, full-sized adults, and a trunk. The WRX, according to critics, is spectacular when paired with a manual transmission. However, like any other high-horsepower vehicle, it suffers poorly when it comes to fuel efficiency. 




  6. BRZ

    The BRZ is essentially Toyota’s 86 but with different lights, interiors and badging. It’s engine, chasis and suspension is more or less the same. The BRZ is known as one of the cheapest sports cars you can get and at the same time, it’s one of the best. Having all the things a sports car should have like rear-wheel drive (the only one in Subaru's line-up that's not AWD), seats with a low seating position and a power enough engine. Though the BRZ only has a four-cylinder boxer engine that produces around 200 horsepower, it’s still enough to make the rear wheels step out on corner exits. It’s enough to have fun. 




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