First Time to Get Your Driver’s License? Here Is What You Should Know.

First Time to Get Your Driver’s License? Here Is What You Should Know.

Updated on April 22 2024

By: Careen L. Malahay, for

Are you planning to buy your own car and enjoy its perks with your loved ones? There are a lot of fantastic vehicles that you can choose from, both brand new and in the used market. However, before you start going around to look for a suitable automobile, it is essential that you are legally permitted to drive a car beforehand. You can get your driver’s license at the Land Transportation Office or LTO.  

This article provides five essential tips to help you get your driver’s license. Keep these in mind, and you can definitely see positive results.    

  • Enroll in a driving school.  

While it is true that one of your loved ones is skilled enough to teach you some driving skills, it is advisable to take thorough lessons from an accredited driving school before applying for a driver’s license. There, you will not just learn the basics of maneuvering a vehicle but other aspects of handling a car that only experts know.

Take note, though, the lessons can take several days or weeks depending on your needs.  

To verify the school’s legitimacy, go to the official website of LTO and check if it is accredited by this agency.

  • Study the LTO exam beforehand.

The Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) website, often known as the LTO online portal, is the best place to begin if you wish to apply for a driver’s license.

For both professional and non-professional drivers, there are LTO exam reviewers available. A conductor questionnaire, a mock Tagalog exam, and a guide to traffic signs and pavement markings are also included.

You can prepare for the written or theoretical exam by using these online study materials.   Additionally, the mock exam in the module will help you practice for the time limit.

  • Take the written exam.

Once you have developed your driving skills and feel confident about getting behind the wheel on your own, it is time to take the written exam.  

During this day, expect to have your photo taken in the LTO office, make a digital signature, and pay the necessary fees. Your medical certificate is also required before the examination.  

To pass the written test at the LTO office for a driver’s license, you must answer 48 out of 60 questions correctly. After this, you will be summoned and instructed to go to the waiting area to advance to the practical driving test once you pass the written exam.

  • Take the practical exam.  

The actual practical test takes less time than the subsequent step in obtaining a driver’s license (around 5 minutes, or longer, depending on the driver).

You can take the practical test using your own car, an LTO vehicle, or one provided by your driving school.

Using a demerit point system, the teacher will grade you during the practical driving test. With 100 points as a starting point. The examiner subtracts a certain number of points from your final score for each mistake you make and records them on a score sheet for the road test. Afterward, the examiner will provide feedback and your test results once you finish.

You must receive at least 70 to pass the practical driving exam.

If you pass both the written and practical tests, you will get your driver’s license. You are now eligible to drive your vehicle anywhere in the Philippines.


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Content Editor Kyle Liong contributed to this story.