Hanggang Saan Aabutin ang 500k Mo? Best Used Cars Under 500k in 2022

Best Used Cars Under 500k in 2022

Updated on June 20 2024

Wondering if you can buy a reliable vehicle with a limited budget? Yes, you can! In this article, Automart.PH lists three of the best-used cars under 500k in 2022.

So, hanggang saan ba aabutin ang 500k mo?

  1. 2017 Toyota Avanza

The Toyota Avanza 2017 is one of the best choices for those looking for a car with a long lifespan and good fuel economy. Because of its seven-seat capacity, it is suitable for family and business use. Toyota Avanza also offers a neutral design, which caters to a wide range of buyers.

As one of the best selling models of the Japanese brand, the Avanza features seating for seven and while still being compact in size. You will also enjoy its configurable seating arrangement that provides flexibility for more passenger space or cargo room.

Used 2017 Toyota Avanzas start from about 455K. See more

2. 2017 Hyundai Accent

Though the Hyundai Accent isn’t flashy like its competitors from other manufacturers, it’s a handsome car in either sedan or hatchback form that will get you through the day with minimal fuss. It has pretty good power figures for its class, which can be used to overtake more seamlessly, and merge on the highway

You can choose between a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission. Furthermore, some variants of the Accent are powered by diesel, making it more fuel efficient compared to its competitors. And finally, this vehicle is surprisingly comfortable on the road, so even long travels will be fun for everyone.

Used 2017 Hyundai Accents start from about 370K. See more

3.  2018 Toyota Wigo

The Toyota Wigo is a small city car that although not loaded with the most cutting-edge features, gets the job done, and is very fuel efficient, registering around 10.7Km/L in the city, and 24 Km/L on the highway. This allows you to go from point A to point B without spending much on fuel. The Wigo also offers space efficiency despite its compact size, and ease of driving, making it perfect for in-town trips.

Used 2018 Toyota Wigos start from about 335K. See more

Even on a limited budget, you can still buy a reliable car. These are just some of the choices you can go for, but there are many more budget-friendly cars out there which are available on Automart.ph. We also offer installments to help you buy your dream car right away.

Content Editor Kyle Liong contributed to this story.


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