Here's another look at the 2022 Toyota Avanza

Here's another look at the 2022 Toyota Avanza

Updated on June 23 2024

The Toyota Avanza is one of Automart.PH's best-sellers. Thanks to its low price, practicality, and reputation for reliability, it remains a popular MPV to this day. However, the current model has been around for almost a decade now.

Thankfully, the all-new model will make its debut next week at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. With the excitement around it, more people are also doing their best to take a photo of it before the world premiere. A few weeks ago, the top-spec Veloz Q variant was seen in Indonesian dealerships. But what will the regular model look like?

Well don't wonder anymore as a new round of spy photos from Indonesia have hit the internet. This time around, it's the G model, and we even have a clue about its engine.

First things first, the design. At first glance, it looks much like the Veloz that was spied earlier, but there are key differences. The grille has horizontal slats instead of a diamond pattern seen in the top-spec model. There is noticeably less chrome in the G variant as well. As for the other panels, it's similar to the Veloz.

There are no interior photos of the G version just yet. However, you can expect the basic design to be like the Veloz. The cabin could likely be  grey single-tone with cloth-trimmed seats. We will know more about the features once the MPV is launched next week.

Now, for the engine and the badge on the tailgate provides a vital clue. We see that it says 1.5 beside the “G”, hinting that it might use the familiar 1500cc engine from the current model. Given that Toyota tends to keep using the same engines for several generations, it's likely the case. But the big question here has to be the transmission choices. Six-speed manuals are slowly becoming available in this segment, along with continuously variable transmissions.

We'll have to wait a little bit longer for the full specs. It will be an even longer wait for its Philippine launch. In the meantime, now is a good time to buy a used, second-hand Avanza if you're searching for a value-packed MPV. With the new model inbound, we can expect the resale value of these cars to dip. And if you're in the market right now, head on to our website, Automart.PH.