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If we're talking about pure sense, there is no other logical type of car out there than an MPV. From the name itself, Multi-Purpose Vehicles are great for those who need cars that do more than one thing. These are haulers, work vehicles, and family cars, all rolled into one. If it's versatility you're after, these are worth considering.

What are the kinds of MPVs?

Because MPVs are category busters, there are many kinds of them around. Of course, the most affordable ones are the subcompact models. They may be small but MPVs in this class present smart ways of making the most out of a small footprint. Then you have the medium-sized MPVthat provide more space and utiliy for businesses and families.

These days, there are even models that blur the lines between crossovers and MPVs. Simply dubbed MPV-Crossovers, it's for those who need the extra seats of larger SUVs, but not the extra bulk or weight.

Should you get an MPV?

It's easy to say yes to this question. After all we typically have a “just in case” mentality in the Philippines when it comes to cars. The subcompact MPVs present a very good case for themselves ince they can carry all that space without being too big or cumbersome. Having those extra row of seats boosts practicality as well.

So are there any cons when it comes to MPVs? They're certainly not dripping with sex appeal, but that's not the point of these cars. But one thing you have to be aware of is their higher center of gravity due to the taller roof. That puts them at a higher risk of rollovers. Thankfully, most MPVs have stability control to lessen that hazard.

That said, you should consider one of these if you have a family. They may not be the sexiest vehicles on the road, but it does show that you are a practical and pragmatic person.

What are the best-selling MPVs in the Philippines?

In terms of sales, the number one MPV in the country is none other than the Toyota Innova. However, there is another Toyota that's come pretty close to the Innova's sales figures lately. That would be the Rush, and it's just behind its bigger brother in terms of sales volume. The Avanza also remains one of the country's best-selling MPVs. That said, the Rush's competitors are also among the country's top-sellers, namely the Mitsubishi Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga, and Honda BR-V.

What are the recommended MPVs in the Philippines?

With MPVs in general, it's definitely worth recommending most of them. However, you must consider the safety rating of these vehicles as these will primarily be used for family duties. With that in mind, the Innova and Rush are rated some of the safest MPVs around by the ASEAN New Car Assesment Program. Those two Toyotas received the five star safety rating from ASEAN NCAP. Another vehicle in its class to get full marks is the Honda BR-V, providing extra peace of mind to the driver and passengers.

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