Low-Mileage Used Car First Drive | Automart.Ph Vlog

Low-Mileage Used Car First Drive | Automart.Ph Vlog

Updated on May 27 2024

We always recommend buying a low-mileage unit for big savings that still come with peace of mind that everything works. One of our customers invited us to their first ever drive to confirm the quality of almost brand new cars!

They traveled to Cavite from Makati because they loved the car so much!

High Quality Low Mileage Used Cars

At Automart.Ph, we believe that low-mileage used cars are the best possible deal for you. They take the big depreciation hit of a new car, but are still very fresh mechanically so you don't have to worry about any problems. We want you to inspect and confirm this for yourself, of course. And our happy customers agreed to let us witness the very first drive of their new Mitsubishi Xpander–to confirm that the car drives like almost brand new indeed!

The average yearly mileage of a private car in the Philippines is 10 to 12,000km. At only 7,000, this unit is definitely a young one.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

We highly encourage you to inspect any of our cars before buying, and we also offer professional help. Find out how to book an accompanying mechanic for your next appointment!

Buy Repossessed Cars Easily

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