Mazda Philippines will launch the 2022 BT-50 on November 17

Mazda Philippines will launch the 2022 BT-50 on November 17

Updated on April 19 2024

When it comes to pick-ups, the Mazda BT-50 isn't first model that comes mind. Nor is it the second, or even third choice that comes to most people's shortlist. That's a bit of a shame, though, since the Ford Ranger's twin does have a lot to offer.

However, things are a little different for the next-generation BT-50. Since Mazda has severed its ties with Ford, the Japanese automaker has teamed up with a different company. The all-new BT-50 now shares the same chassis as the third-generation Isuzu D-Max. Will this be the formula that will prove successful for Isuzu? And what are the specs we can expect?

Since the BT-50 shares a lot with the D-Max, the Mazda will likely have the same engine specifications as the Isuzu. That means we might see the 1.9-liter Bluepower diesel powering the entry-level versions of the Philippine-spec BT-50. This engine is good for 150 PS and 350 Nm of torque. High-spec and four-wheel drive BT-50 models will most certainly have the 3.0-liter from the similarly-equipped D-Max. The 3.0-liter diesel puts out 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque.

Unlike the outgoing BT-50, the interior is not a carbon copy of its mechanical twin. Whereas the previous model was almost identical to the Ranger's dashboard, the all-new BT-50 has a unique cabin design that makes it more individual. From the instrument panel to the air-conditioning vents, just about every part is different.

Mazda went as far as changing most of the body panels from the Isuzu. Like the interior, almost every part is unique to the BT-50. However, the doors appear straight from the D-Max. As for features, we can expect most of the ones found in the D-Max to make its way to the BT-50. This includes high-tech features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning.

Given that the BT-50 is more expensive than the D-Max in Thailand, it is possible that it could be the same case in the Philippines. That means it could range from PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 1,900,000. But if you're curious about the outgoing model, second-hand Mazda BT-50 models can go for as low as the PHP 500,000 range. About PHP 750,000 can also get you a newer model with the facelifted look and an automatic transmission.