Next-gen Toyota Innova spied

Next-gen Toyota Innova spied

Updated on February 21 2024

The first-generation Toyota Innova lasted for over a decade. The current second-gen model is about to hit its sixth year in the local market. However, it seems that the cycle for this version will be a little shorter. According to various reports from Thailand, the all-new model might come out by 2023.

Not only that, alleged spy photos of the third-generation Innova have surfaced on the internet. Per Thai news reports, underneath the covers of the vehicle photographed above is the all-new MPV. These stories also claim that it is the test mule that's running around Thai streets at the moment. But whatever the case might be, it is an interesting spot.

So far, the only thing seen are the wheels, a section of the tail lights, and the door frames. It won't give us much, but it is implied that the redesign is more evolutionary than revolutionary. However, there are several news items saying that the all-new Innova might come with a hybrid option. If it's true, it will be something drastically different from the previous generations.

Because of the hybrid news reports, there are a lot of questions about the Innova's chassis. Some suggest that it might switch to a front-wheel drive platform like that third-generation Avanza. Others say that the MPV will ride on a new body on frame chassis that is part of the TNGA-F (Toyota New Global Architecture-F) family. The TNGA-F platform underpins models such as the Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and Tundra. It is possible that the Innova will use a heavily modified (and shortened) version of the frame.

But should the all-new Innova continue with the truck-based chassis, this could also hint at the all-new Fortuner and Hilux. It was also reported that those two models will have hybrid power at some point in their production cycles. As for diesel power, it would be unusual if Toyota dropped it for the future generation since a large bulk of the Innova's sales are from the diesel models. Either way, Thai sources say that the all-new Innova might make its global premiere before the end of 2022.

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