Old vs. New: Nissan Terra

Old vs. New: Nissan Terra

Updated on June 12 2024

Yesterday, Nissan Philippines launched the 2022 Nissan Terra a few weeks after its regional debut in Thailand. As far as facelifts go, Nissan went the extra mile for their SUV, at least when it comes to its cosmetics. But just how extensive is this model update? Can it still be called a minor model change?


If you miss out all the changes made to the exterior, you really need to get your eyes checked. At first glance, you might even mistake the 2022 Terra for an all-new model. We won't blame you for that thought, though. Nissan went to great lengths redesigning the front end with a new bumper, grille, headlights, and even a different hood panel. The same goes for the rear tailgate with a totally different look for 2022.

All in all, the 2022 Terra looks more aggressive and “in-your-face” than the pre-facelift version. Of course, there will be those who prefer the more subtle design of the 2018-2021 versions. But you have to admit, the new one looks more like a unique model and less of a Navara with an SUV body.

The new panels mean the Terra grew a few millimeters from bumper to bumper. The pre-facelift versions were 4,885 mm or 192.3 inches long. Meanwhile, the 2022 version is now exactly 4,900 mm or 193 inches long. It may not seem like much, but it's something to keep in mind when parking in tight spaces. Width and height are still the same at 1,885 mm (or 73.4 inches) each. Yes, the Terra is as wide as its height.


The model range is largely the same as before. It includes the EL 4x2 M/T, the VE 4x2 A/T, and top-spec VL 4x2 A/T plus VL 4x4 A/T. However, Nissan did rid of one variant. That would be the EL 4x2 A/T. That means you can no longer buy a relatively basic Terra with an automatic transmission.


If you thought the exterior changes are substantial, it's downright dramatic when you step inside. The dashboard in the 2022 model is no longer copy-pasted straight from the Navara, and the same goes for its door panels. This is a massive step up from the 2018 to 2021 model in terms of design and cabin materials. Also different are the seat patterns and interior color combinations. Plus, the 2022 Terra gets wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in higher-spec versions. Last but not least, Nissan got rid of the old mechanical handbrake and replaced it with an electronic parking brake switch.


Before, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility safety package was mostly reserved for the four-wheel drive version. For the 2022 model year and beyond, Nissan has also made it standard in the top of the line two-wheel drive variant, the VL 4x2. It includes rear cross traffic alert, blind sport warning, surround view monitor, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. These features are reserved for the top of the line versions.

However, all models are equipped with six airbags, traction control, stability control, and a reverse camera. It's also worth noting that the 2022 Terra finally has rear disc brakes, but only for the VL 4x2 and VL 4x4 models. The EL 4x2 and VE 4x2 still have to make do with rear drum brakes.


Let's put the prices of the pre-facelift versions beside the 2022 edition.

MY2021 Nissan Terra

>EL 4x2 M/T: PHP 1,539,000

>EL 4x2 A/T: PHP 1,655,000

>VE 4x2 A/T: PHP 1,752,000

>VL 4x2 A/T: PHP 1,984,000

>VL 4x4 A/T: PHP 2,211,000

MY2022 Nissan Terra

>EL 4x2 M/T: PHP 1,649,000

>VE 4x2 A/T: PHP 1,829,000

>VL 4x2 A/T: PHP 1,999,000

>VL 4x4 A/T: PHP 2,339,000

Comparing the base models with each other, prices for the EL M/T have shot up by PHP 110,000. Meanwhile, VE 4x2 A/T prices rise by PHP 77,000. The variant that is least affected by the price adjustment is the VL 4x2 A/T with just a PHP 15,000 increase. As for the VL 4x4 A/T, its prices are up by PHP 128,000.

So why is the (heavily) facelifted Terra more expensive than before? You have to factor in the changes that Nissan made to the Terra, namely the new panels, the overhauled interior and additional standard features. Those updates do not come cheap and it's reflected in its new suggested retail prices.

But what about used?

If you think the Terra is now out of reach because of the new prices, think again. The dream of owning a Terra shouldn't end just like that. Here at Automart.PH, we have a wide selection of quality used Terra SUVs in our nationwide inventory.

For example, a 2020 base model with a manual transmission can be yours for less than PHP 900,000. If you want one with an automatic transmission, the most affordable ones you can find are for a little over PHP 1,000,000. But if it's the top-spec 4x4 you want, we can offer you that variant for just over PHP 1,500,000.

These may be used models that are one to two years old, but the savings you can get are undeniable. You can get the base model for half the price of a brand new version and well over PHP 700,000 off for the 4x4 version. So don't let the new prices put you off from buying a Terra. Shop for a second-hand one and you'll find yourself with a lot of choices.