Used and Repossessed Nissan Terra For Sale Philippines

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Nissan Terra at a glance

2018-present Nissan Terra Nissan was rather late to the pick-up-based midsize SUV class within the last two decades. After being absent from the segment for far too long, they bounced back with the Terra in 2018. It was long overdue but worth the wait. Nissan has shifted thousands of them since it was launched. The Terra is not the first pick-up-based SUV from Nissan. That honor goes to the Terrano from the '90s. Think of the Terra then as the spiritual successor of the SUV from the '90s. But this time around, it's got more serious competition this time around.

Good buy or goodbye?

If it's a quiet and refined SUV you're looking for, the Nissan Terra might be a little bit disappointing. Compared to other SUVs in its class, the Terra is noisy with vibrations felt through some parts of the car. However, it more than makes up for it by offering above-par fuel economy, a strong engine, along with ride and handling that are above average. The Terra is also loaded with smart features. The push-button second-row seat stowage is a brilliant idea that takes the hassle out of moving seats around. The exterior cameras in select models are also handy given the size of this SUV. It may not be perfect, but the Terra is one SUV you should shortlist.


- Class-competitive engine specs - Rides on the proven Navara platform - Excellent ride and handling within its class - Packed with smart standard features - Reasonably fuel-efficient - 7-speed automatic


Noisy during cold starts Refinement lags behind rivals Vibration can be felt through shifter, steering wheel, pedals Dashboard too much like the Navara Still has rear drum brakes


EL 2.5 4x2 6-M/T EL 2.5 4x2 7-A/T VE 2.5 4x2 7-A/T VL 2.5 4x2 7-A/T VL 2.5 4x4 7-A/T

Dimensions and capacities

Length: 4,885 mm Width: 1,865 mm Height: 1,835 mm Wheelbase: 2,850 mm Fuel tank capacity: 80 Liters Max. cargo area: N/A Ground Clearance: 225 mm Wading depth: 800 mm


Engine: 2.5-liter diesel, Inline 4-Cylinder, DOHC, Variable Turbocharger (VGS) With Intercooler Max power: 190 HP Max torque: 450 Nm Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive

Fuel economy

City: 8.4 km/l (4x4 models) to 9.3 km/l (4x2 models) Highway: 13.3 km/l (4x4 models) to 14.2 km/l (4x2 models) Estimated range: 672 km to 1,136 km per full tank

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