Why do Filipinos love the Toyota Vios?

Why do Filipinos love the Toyota Vios?

Updated on April 19 2024

METRO MANILA,– It’s everywhere!

This is the best way to describe the Toyota Vios, which has practically taken the country by storm for quite some time now. But why do Filipinos love this subcompact offering from Toyota?

First seen in 2002, the Vios is not only Toyota’s answer to Honda’s City, but is considered as an entry point into the Toyota brand cache—now seen as a premium marque in the mainstream auto market. While it may be a no-frills sedan, people flock to Toyota showrooms to get their Vios units simply because of this.

photo of toyota vios

Apart from this, the Vios is one of those vehicles that seems to work well in just about any form. Whether it’s a workhorse of a taxicab plying the streets to ferry passengers to their destination, a means of transport for the family or a young professional, an empty nester’s ride or even a souped-up racing car that competes in the Vios Cup, it can do it all.

Sure, it may not necessarily provide the most engaging drive. But it does hold its own whether tooling around in the city or cruising out on the open road. It’s smooth, quiet, and comfortable—things that many people want in their daily driver.

photo of toyota vios cup cars
The 2021 Vios Cup is back!

And of course, there’s the aforementioned Toyota brand cache that ensures owners of durability and reliability. Oh, and did we mention that the Vios is relatively cheap to run? Spare parts are easy to come by, even available at your local drugstore, so they say.

But seriously, these are the things Filipinos love about the Toyota Vios. Why do you love your Vios?

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