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Honda might be a mainstream brand, but their cars have always offered a slightly more premium experience. Another signature of Honda cars are the engines and the ingenious use of interior space. Honda is also a relatively young car company, only building cars by the '60s. Despite that, they brought in a whole host of technical innovations to the industry, along with countless iconic high-performance cars.

Honda in the Philippines

Honda was established in the Philippines in 1990. They started out with the Civic sedan and hatchback, but those two were enough to give the brand strong roots in the country. The Accord joined the Civic a few years later and, after that, a rapid expansion of the model line-up. Two models that helped Honda sales even more during that time were the CR-V and the City. Today, Honda is more than just the Civic, City, and CR-V. The brand also covers both ends of the market spectrum from entry-level to luxury.

What are the Honda models sold in the Philippines?

Honda have a wide variety of cars to offer in the country. The least expensive one they offer is the Brio hatchback to serve the entry-level market. After that, it's the company's best-seller, the long-running City. The City also gained a hatchback version, becoming the spiritual successor of the much-loved Jazz. One size bigger is the evergreen Civic, which is now in its eleventh-generation. As for the Accord, it went from being a sporty executive sedan to a high-tech luxury saloon. On to the crossovers and specialty vehicles, it starts with the seven-seat BR-V. Honda used to have another seven-seater in the form of the Mobilio, but that has been discontinued. The HR-V is a good match for those who would like a hatchback but with the height of a crossover. Like the Civic, the CR-V is another one of Honda's evergreen models that still enjoys great popularity. Honda's high-end models, the Legend and Pilot, are no longer offered here. However, they made up for that by continung to sell the Civic Type R in the country.

What are the popular Honda models in the Philippines?

Honda Jazz

Automart.PH Says: “Thanks to its smart use of space, the Jazz offers more room and cargo than its size leads you to believe. It proves that small hatchbacks don't have to be cramped or limited in capacity.”

Honda City

Automart.PH Says: “If you're looking for the ride, comfort, and handling from a bigger car in a smaller package, this car offers it. Honda is also renowned for their space efficiency and the City is no exception.”

Honda Civic

Automart.PH Says: “When it comes to being an all-rounder, the Honda Civic is hard to beat in its segment. It's stylish, spacious, and with the turbo engine, fun to drive. The Civic can please both enthusiasts and the practical folks.”

Honda BR-V

Automart.PH Says: “There isn't a lot you can't like about the BR-V. After all, it has three rows of seats, room for seven, a large cargo area, and most importantly, good ground clearance. ”

Honda CR-V

Automart.PH Says: “Practical, versatile, and comfortable. Those are some of the words that describe the CR-V. You really can't go wrong with it, and it's one of the most logical and sensible choices in its class. Definitely one to consider.”

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