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There is one used Honda that has reached the status of a classic. Ever since it was released in the 90s, the Honda Civic has been known to be a car that can be both practical and, at the same time, exciting. Now, if you drive around any part of the country, you’ll surely still see many Civics on the road, most especially in the provinces. Often these civics have been modified to the brim with accessories like mufflers, bumpers, and stickers. 


But used Hondas like the civic aren’t just known to be collectible. Honda, for the most part, is a brand that has gotten the reputation of being for the rich or “pang-mayaman.” Why?


Honda’s reputation

Hondas tend to be more expensive than its competitors. The difference in terms of price is rather minimal, but for people looking to save as much money on something that already costs a lot, it matters. Especially since most people just are looking for a reliable vehicle and have no need for features like nicer interiors, sportier designs, and not to mention more powerful engines that consume more gas. And these differences have tended for people to associate the brand with luxury even though, compared to the prices and features of the real luxury brands, it's a bit of an exaggeration. 


Hondas are Sporty

I mentioned that used Honda models like the Civic and the Accord are very collectible. Collectible how? Hondas are sporty. Given that, buying used Hondas is a ticket for people to have a bit of fun on weekends, or just to have a nice sporty daily driver. What car enthusiast doesn’t want a bit of fun? 


Top features of a used Honda

  • The driving position. The “Honda driving position” means you sit low and closer to the ground, at least when it comes to their sedans. This grants the driver a position that hugs the car. You could even say the car is hugging the driver. What this does is it makes the driver have a better connection with the car. Your weight is spread across the seat. You feel the vibrations more. And given that you and the car are literally communicating through the seat, the steering wheel, this seating position encourages more focus. Some people may like SUVs because they allow the driver to sit high, but sitting low is might actually be equally desirable. 

  • Reliability. Hondas are very reliable. The fact that so many used Honda models are roadworthy until now is a testament that Hondas are reliable. As long as you regularly change the oil and consult maintenance, Honda cars are sure to last a long time. 

  • VTEC. You probably see this at the trunk area right across the car’s nameplate. VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (don’t ask me how it got shortened to “VTEC”). This is the engine technology that allows Hondas to be sporty and, at the same time, efficient. If you’re accelerating, once you reach a certain RPM, the sound of the engine changes and you feel it pull more. This is because the VTEC kicked in.

How VTEC Works

How does it manage to be practical and sporty at the same time? It lies with the engine technology Honda has in their cars. 

Explaining it down to every detail might be too lengthy, but basically, once you reach a certain RPM, the engine injects more fuel than it normally does. 

Fuel is typically injected into the cylinder valves. On normal and efficient driving where a driver keeps the engine revs low, the valves are only able to open a small amount. This ensures efficiency. But on engines with bigger horsepower numbers, the valve opening is bigger. Engines didn’t have the option of being efficient and at the same time powerful until VTEC was introduced. 

So when you go over the RPM the V-TEC “kicks in,” it’s actually making the valves gape more, injecting more fuel in the cylinder to combust, producing more power. 

But as long as you’re gentle on the gas, it’s sure to keep the unnecessary power (and expenditure) at bay. VTEC is a cool little feat of engineering. 

If you’re still curious, here’s a video explaining how it works.

Top 5 Best Used Honda Models To Buy

  1. City

    If you were expecting the Civic to be in this spot, I wouldn’t be surprised given how much I talked about it already. The Civic may have been popular before, but since then, the sales of the City eventually caught up with it. Offering probably the sportiest look in the compact sedan segment, and also perhaps the sportiest performance, the City is a model not to be overlooked if you’re looking for a used Honda. 

    The already cheap Honda City is even cheaper when you buy one used. Find our inventory of Honda City here.

  2. Civic

    As mentioned, the Civic is an icon. The Civic’s body is incredibly sporty looking. It has a sleek, sloping hatch-like rear end that makes it look more expensive than it actually is. It boasts LED lights, a CVT transmission, push-button start and the trademark sporty feel a Civic should have. If the base-model Civic isn’t sporty enough for you, they’re also offering an even sportier RS version that has a turbocharged engine that makes it have 30 more horsepower. 

    Automart.Ph has several used Honda Civic in our inventory. Check them out Honda Civic .

  3. CRV

    Let’s not forget Honda’s iconic SUV. The CRV has recently gotten bigger. It now has a third row of seats, now being able to transport up to 7 people instead of five. What more is that it now features a turbocharged diesel engine instead of naturally aspirated unleaded. This means it’s able to carry more load given the increase in size, and still be sporty like a Honda should be. 

    Automart.Ph has several used Honda Civic in our inventory. Check them out Honda CRV .

  4. Jazz

    It’s small and practical. The Jazz is a modest little subcompact that is surprisingly fun to drive. As a hatchback, it boasts a big trunk capable of carrying a lot of cargo. For something so small, it’s surprisingly capable.

    Automart.Ph has several used Honda Civic in our inventory. Check them out Honda Jazz .

  5. Accord

    A name that grew in popularity at the same time as the Civic. But since then, the accord seems to have gotten less attention, given the market has shifted more in favor of subcompacts like the Civic, and SUVs like the CRV. Nevertheless, the Accord is known for its gentle ride and spacious interior.

    Automart.Ph has several used Honda Civic in our inventory. Check them out Honda Accord .



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