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2014 Honda City VX

₱ 525,000
AT 100,000 KM
Gas location_onPanabo Davao
3 days left
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2006 Honda City

₱ 310,000
AT 120,000 KM
Gas location_onPanabo Davao
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Used Honda City and Repossessed Honda City Available for Sale

  • City

    The Honda City is Honda’s subcompact sedan. In this article, we’ll go over what makes the Honda City is one of the more popular offerings in the segment, and why you should consider buying a used Honda City. 


    If you’re considering buying a used Honda City, you’ve probably considered the other sub-compact and compact sedans offered by other brands. Honda is known in the Philippines to typically be “pang-mayaman,” and the Honda City, if you’re going to compare it to other models, is no exception. Despite it being one of the smaller and cheaper offerings by Honda, you can still call the city premium.


    Pros and Cons of the Honda City



    • The Honda City is powered by a 1.5L V-TEC engine that is paired with a CVT transmission. Together, it makes a modest 118hp with 145lb/ft of torque. That may be small compared to bigger cars like SUVs, but in the compact sedan segment, the City is actually higher than the average. 


    • Small and Agile

      As we’ve mentioned, the City is swift, but given its small, compact form factor, it’s also agile. One will have an easy time driving the city with its light steering, the small size of the body and a comfortable driving position. The City, as the name suggests, is a car for the city. All its features are perfect for drives around town. Traffic or not, the City is sure to be a good car for city conditions. 


    • We mentioned the City’s driving position. Despite being a sub-compact sedan, like many sedans in the segment, the car can easily accommodate five full-size adults comfortably. In the lower-trim models, most cars get cloth fabric seats that feel cheap, however, the City’s seats feel much more upscale. They don’t feel as hot when they’re left outside the sun and they provide good lumbar support. Honda is famous for providing a 






  • Many car enthusiasts who enjoy the sensation of shifting gears and feeling the revs of the engine change are disappointed about CVT-transmission cars. What’s a CVT? Isn’t it just an Automatic? It works like a regular automatic, however, the way it works is different from a traditional automatic transmission. Regular torque-converter automatic transmissions still have gears in them, and you would definitely feel the car shift gears when you’re hastily accelerating. However, CVTs eliminate the sensation of the jolt one feels when the gear shifts. CVTs stands for “continuous variable transmission” and they can essentially change gear ratios seamlessly. This provides better fuel efficiency than regular automatics, however, most people say at the cost of an engaging driving experience. 



  • That City’s platform has been the same for nearly five years and the overall shape is starting to show a big of aging. If one is viewing the car’s outline or silhouette, it’s definitely going to look inferior compared to the more sophisticated and modern designs of brands like Hyundai and Kia. It features a rather bulky and raised hood area resulting in a shape that isn’t as sleek and clean. It wouldn’t hurt if the City would get an update. 



    What makes the Honda City “pang-mayaman”


    • Filipinos are very practical, so typically, anything that is even slightly in the unnecessarily expensive side, people will tend to call as “pang-mayaman.” Honda is categorized as such because they’re sightly more expensive compared to cheaper brands like Toyota and Nissan. And when people are comparing the prices of other cars in the market, differences in prices matter a lot considering cars are expensive. 


    • It’s different That said, Honda is a brand that also allows people to differentiate their cars as special and different. Honda is a brand that is known to be sporty, both in design and in performance compared to its competition. This differentiation makes a similar effect on its price in how the brand manages to differentiate itself. It’s priced higher for people who want something slightly better. 



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