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Toyota Fortuner Models - Used Cars For Sale Available at Automart.Ph

2020 Toyota Fortuner E V 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,550,000
AT 10,722 KM
Diesel location_onJP Rizal Cabuyao City
3 days left
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2020 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,470,000
AT 15,465 KM
Diesel location_onJP Rizal Cabuyao City
3 days left
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2019 Toyota Fortuner V 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,311,000
AT 21,099 KM
Diesel location_onJP Rizal Cabuyao City
3 days left
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2020 Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,301,500
AT 2,439 KM
Diesel location_onJP Rizal Cabuyao City
3 days left
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2019 Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,160,000
AT 15,435 KM
Diesel location_onJP Rizal Cabuyao City
3 days left
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2019 Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 2.4

₱ 1,130,000
AT 11,321 KM
Diesel location_onTubigan Biñan City
3 days left
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Toyota Fortuner - One of The Best Selling SUV in the Philippines

The Toyota Fortuner is Toyota’s main sport utility vehicle or, in short, SUV. In this article, we’ll talk about aspects about the Toyota Fortuner that makes it so popular, and perhaps help you in considering buying a used Toyota Fortuner. 


The Fortuner is one of Toyota’s best selling vehicles. Once the facelift variant came out in 2016, it actually beat the Toyota Vis in sales for a year. Given that Fortuners cost more than twice as much, and given how popular the Vios is, that’s amazing. It goes to show the growing trend of SUVs being ever more popular, and how people are steering more towards considering big SUVs than compact sedans. 


Pro’s and Cons of buying a used Toyota Fortuner


  • Space and Practicality

    SUVs are short for sport utility vehicles, and hence they are supposed to be utilitarian or, in other words, practical. The Fortuner features three rows of seats that can comfortably fit seven full-sized adults. It can even be pushed to eight people, with three people in the back, but their comfort is going to suffer. The back most seats of the Fortuner sits lower, and has significantly less ceiling and leg space. And because the sit directly above the rear axle, they also tend to feel bumps more. You definitely would prefer to sit in the middle and front seats more. 

  • Performance

    Fortuners are fitted with a turbocharged 2.8L diesel engines. They are capable for producing 189bhp and 450Nm of torque. That’s more than plenty to pull overtakes decently fast enough while carrying the car’s capacity of seven people. 

  • Design

    The Fortuner’s design is something you can call sharp and edgy. Compared to its rivals, the front end features a long hood that leads two small, cat-eye looking headlights. Given how high the headlights are positioned in the hood, smaller cars directly front of the vehicle can easily be blinded because of how far the headlights shine before it hits the ground. It’s read tail lights is also something similarly eye catching. If you’re imaginative, it looks like the whiskers of cats running along the tailgate and on the Fortuner it looks classy. 

  • Safety rating

    The Fortuner has one of the best safety ratings out there as Toyota’s brand is famous for. It’s long hood and multiple air-bags help protect passengers more from injury in high-speed impacts compared to other cars. 

  • Resell value

    If you’re going to buy a used Toyota Fortuner now, you’re probably going to expect the prices to still be relatively high. You will likely only get a few hundred grand off from the original price for something that is in good condition. This is because of its popularity and demand. That said, if you’re an owner, having one means having in mind that the Toyota Fortuner is still a valuable asset. 


  • Radio and navigation

    Isn’t the most advanced and most intuitive to use in the market. Users report a difficult time navigating the UI and that means bad news for those who aren’t the most techy. 

  • Driving experience

    SUV’s, given they’re called “sport utility vehicles,” are supposed to be sporty. Which means it’s supposed to produce plenty of power when the driver wants, it has good handling and steering response. The Fortuner does this good enough but what it pays for in return is ride that’s on the firm side. And in something where people expect a smooth. calming ride in, this is a definite con. 

  • Confused gearbox

    Most Automatics are still equipped with gears. In most Automatics, when you floor the gas the gearbox is supposed to downshift a few gears. What this does is raise the engine’s RPM, and produce more power, effectively making the car accelerate faster. However, many users complain that the Fortuners’ transmission isn’t the best to do this quickly and that can cause frustration for some drivers.

  • Space

    We mentioned space is a definitely a pro in buying the Fortuner, but if we’re going to compare it to the other vehicles in the class which includes models like the Ford Everest, Isuzu MUX and Nissan Terra, the rear seat space and cargo capacity of the Fortuner is inferior. 

  • Fuel Efficiency

    As an SUV with a large displacement of 2.8L, the Toyota Fortuner is also similarly inferior in terms of fuel economy. It averages 8L/100km on the highway but it’s beaten by competitors.


All this said, the Fortuner definitely still has its flaws and is no perfect vehicle. It’s not going to wow you when entering the cabin, nor will it pin your back to the seat when you floor the throttle. The SUV that’s originally meant for a sense of luxury also rides harsh, at least compared to the competition But why is it so popular in the Philippine market? 


Why is the Fortuner so popular in the Philippines?


We’re going to be speculating a little here, but there are definitely a lot of reasons why consumers are led to buy a product as popular as the Fortuner. 


  • The brand

    Toyota is, without a doubt, the world’s largest car manufacturer. Even in the Philippines it also has the same status as being the most popular. They even have their own manufacturing plant here in Laguna. Given Toyota’s popularity as a car brand in the country, when they released the Fortuner fitted with features that rivaled the rest, people would be easily drawn to the brand that’s already established and known for reliability. 

  • The increasing popularity of the SUV

    The past decade, the popularity of the SUVs has increased drastically for the number of reasons. The demands of consumers for more space is definitely a factor. Why wouldn’t one want bigger, more spacious cars? It’s a real handy feature to have especially in bigger families and those who plan to go on roadtrips. 

  • They have good resell value

    When one would want to buy or sell a used Toyota Fortuner, expect to find that they retain their price very well. This is due to the fact that the demand for the car remains steadily high because of the car’s desirability. This is similar throughout Toyota’s vehicle lineup because, like I previously discussed earlier, of the brand’s popularity. 

  • Lack of off-road drive modes

    Many competitors offer different drive modes that alter the car’s ability to distribute power to all four wheels to maximize traction on different road surfaces. Drive modes that is specialized for surfaces like sand, rock, and mud are available to competitors.


Automart.Ph has several used Toyota Fortuners in our inventory. Check out our inventory of used Toyota Fortuners here


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