5 Reasons Why Automart Certified Used Vehicles are the Best Used Cars in the Philippines

5 Reasons Why ACVs are the Best Used Cars

Updated on June 21 2024

The relentless COVID-19 pandemic has made used cars hotter commodities than ever before. As the need for personal mobility and social distancing persist, buyers shift their attention to used cars for one apparent reason: lower cost of entry. But when talking about used cars, having a lower price does not guarantee a problem-free ownership experience. In most cases – and we’re sure a majority of used car owners will agree – used cars will require immediate repair, maintenance, or fixing soon after purchasing the vehicle, and that’s a fact.

Automart.Ph is the Pinoy car buyer’s prime resource for high-quality used and repossessed cars. And in case you’re not aware, repo cars offer terrific value when searching for a slightly new used car. Automart.Ph is taking it one step further by introducing Automart Certified Used Vehicles or ACUV, the first used car selection in the Philippines with comprehensive warranties. In short, Automart Certified Used Vehicles are used cars that look, smell, and feel like new.

There are more advantages to choosing an ACUV for your next car. Here are the top 5 reasons why Automart Certified Used Vehicles are the best used or repo cars you can buy in the Philippines today.

Top 5 Reasons Why ACUVs are Worth Considering

1. Standard warranties

Only brand new cars come with factory warranties, but Automart Certifed Used Vehicles begs to differ. All vehicles under the ACUV selection come with a 1-year or 10,000 km warranty (whichever comes first). If something goes wrong within a year or 10,000 kilometers after purchasing the car, Automart will take care of it for you, no questions asked.

In addition, Automart Certified Used Vehicles have a one-month or 2,000 km consumables warranty covering the battery, engine oil, operating fluids, and brake pads. Furthermore, all ACUV vehicles have undergone a 176-point inspection to certify the car's reliability, usability, and daily drivability. Also, ACUVs have a three-day or 100 km love-it or return-it guarantee. If for some reason you don’t like the car after buying it, simply return it within three days or 100 km to get your money back.

2. Home delivery test-drive service

Only Automart Certified Used Vehicles offer a home delivery test-drive service. If you are interested in buying a particular ACUV car, Automart will drop the vehicle at your home so you can take it for a quick spin, no obligations asked. Not only is this procedure safer than physically visiting a dealership or used car lot, but it gives potential buyers a chance to admire the vehicle from the comforts of home and see how it drives.

3. Complete exterior and interior detailing

Repossessed cars are typically sold on an “as-is, where-is” basis, which is one of the few drawbacks of buying a repossessed car. It’s only natural for a typical repo car to have minor dents or paint scratches, and most repo cars are dirty and covered in dust.


toyota innova interior automart


However, Automart Certified Used Vehicles are different. Each vehicle receives a complete exterior and interior makeover, including a full paint polish and wax, paint retouch (for some cars), carpet shampooing, and interior disinfection. Short of buying a brand new vehicle, Automart Certified Used Vehicles are a more affordable route in experiencing that elusive new car smell.


toyota innova interior automart

toyota innova interior automart


4. Money-back guarantee

Automart Certifed Used Vehicles offer a money-back guarantee if proven the vehicle has structural damage, a tampered odometer, or if the car was involved in floods before purchasing. This money-back guarantee aims to offer better transparency about the general condition and durability of the vehicle.

5. Hassle-free paper transfer assistance

Automart Certified Used Vehicles also include a hassle-free papers transfer service to give buyers complete peace of mind. The service also provides plate number assistance for units with pending number plates with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The ACUV Advantage

Best of all, Automart Certified Vehicles are available immediately. There is no waiting or bidding involved. If you like the car, pay up and drive away, and Automart.Ph will handle the paperwork. When it comes to used and repossessed cars, i-Automart na yan! But if talking about used cars that look, smell, and feel like new, Automart Certified Used Vehicles (ACUV) is your best choice.

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