Automart.PH 2022 New Car Preview

Automart.PH 2022 New Car Preview

Updated on June 12 2024

2021 saw several industries bounce back following strict lockdowns from two years ago. One of those that marked an epic comeback was the automotive sector. In fact, over 70 cars were introduced to the local market last year, a very healthy showing.

But a new year brings a new wave of cars to expect. So, what's coming here by 2022? Here's what to expect, along with a few of our predictions.

Ford Ranger

Isuzu had the all-new pick-up tag all to itself last year, but it has to watch its back this year. That's because the all-new Ranger is likely to land in the country sometime this year. There is no definite timeline yet, but given that the Philippines is one of the most important markets for the pick-up, we reckon Ford will launch it here sooner than later.

Ford Everest

Like the Ranger, the Everest is also expected to be launched here within 2022. It might arrive a little later in the year since, at the time of writing, Ford hasn't even pulled the camouflage yet. But given that it will most definitely share hardware and software with the redesigned Ranger, there will be high expectations for this SUV.

Geely Emgrand

Geely may be a relatively young brand in the country, but their second attempt here has brought much more success. They currently have three high-riding models, the Coolray, Azkarra, and Okavango. Curiously, they don't have a sedan yet, but that might change with the Emgrand. The Emgrand has a strong chance of coming to the Philippines. Should Geely Philippines launch it here, it could rival the Vios in terms of price and the Corolla Altis in terms of space.

Honda BR-V

Thanks to its practicality and 7-passenger capacity, the Honda BR-V quickly became one of Honda's top sellers in the country. Honda introduced the all-new model in Indonesia, and it's been on sale over there for a few months now. There is a good chance that Honda Cars Philippines will launch the MPV-Crossover as soon as they can since it's such an important model for the brand.

Honda HR-V

The premium subcompact crossover market might not be the largest out there, but it's good to have a model there nonetheless. Honda caters to that crowd with the HR-V, but the current generation is well over five years old already. The all-new HR-V was released in Thailand in late 2021, so there is a good chance it will land in the Philippines. There is a question mark about the engine, though. That's because the Thai-built model is powered by a hybrid powertrain. Will Honda Cars Philippines invest on that too?

Mitsubishi Xpander

This is one launch that Mitsubishi must do within the year. It's the updated Xpander, and the changes they made are more than skin deep. Aside from the new skin, Mitsubishi made the effort if designing a new dashboard, along with giving it a new transmission and a few tweaks under the chassis. It will be interesting to see how it drives with those enhancements.

Nissan X-Trail

When it comes to compact crossovers, the Nissan X-Trail hasn't been the top of mind choice for a lot of consumers. However, the company aims to change that with the all-new model. It's been out in the US for quite some time already, and it was also introduced in China early last year. Should it be launched in Thailand, it should be a good indicator of the local debut.

Subaru BRZ

Looking for a sports car this 2022? Then you might want to head over to the Subaru dealership. The company confirmed that they are launching the all-new BRZ here. There is no exact launch date yet but it is definitely coming to the here. This sports coupe packs a 2.4-liter engine with a healthy 235 PS and 250 Nm of torque.

Subaru Forester

Also coming to the Philippines is the facelifted Forester. It was launched in Japan a couple of months ago, and it's finally coming to the here. The Forester is one of the brand's top-sellers next to the XV, so it's an important, if not, vital model. Engine specs are yet to be confirmed.

Subaru WRX and WRX Wagon

Subaru Philippines also have a pair of practical high-performance cars coming soon. The all-new WRX and WRX Wagon are expected to be launched here by mid-2022. It should make the car enthusiast parent very excited indeed.

Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki is best known for their budget-friendly cars, and one might arrive by this year. The all-new Celerio premiered in India late last year, and other markets are expected to have it soon. Given that the S-Presso covers the lowest-end of the new car market, the Celerio might be a good option for those who want a little bit more from their budget car. Of course, that will all depend on Suzuki Philippines if they will launch it here.

Toyota Avanza

This might just be the most important launch of 2022. That would be for the all-new Toyota Avanza. Even though the Rush has taken a fair chunk of its sales, the redesigned MPV is more revolutionary than evolutionary. That's because it ditches the truck-like chassis for a more-car-like design. The switch to a front-wheel drive platform should make it more comfortable. Fingers crossed it makes its debut this year.

Toyota Raize

For the past couple of years, Toyota has expanded their crossover and SUV line-up. In fact, they have one of the widest ranges available in the country. This year, they are keen to add another one in the form of the Toyota Raize. Like the Avanza, Rush, and Wigo, the Raize is actually a product of Daihatsu. Still, a low-cost high-riding crossover should be a hit with the masses, especially since it will wear a Toyota badge.

Toyota GR86

Like the Subaru BRZ, we're also expecting the all-new Toyota GR86 in the country. For now, we're not too sure who will launch their sports coupe first. Either way, the GR86 is mechanically the same as the BRZ. At most, these cars will have slightly different suspension settings, but should feel the same in day to day driving. We can't wait to try out both.


These cars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new car launches. Remember, 2021 found a way to squeeze over 70 car launches in 365 days. Will 2022 beat that number? Only time will tell. Onwards to 2022!

Of course, not all car purchases of 2022 have to be straight from the dealership. With that, it's also a good time to check out out inventory at Automart.PH. From used sedans to second-hand pick-ups, we have a lot of makes and models in store for you. We even have a selection of Automart.PH Certified Used Vehicles (ACUV) to give you even more peace of mind when it comes to buying pre-loved cars. So if you're in the market for a car, whether new or used, 2022 is a good time to buy.