Old Vs. New: Honda Civic

Old Vs. New: Honda Civic

Updated on June 23 2024

The eleventh-generation Honda Civic couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s because the nameplate celebrates its 50th anniversary by 2022. We have high expectations for this model, given that the outgoing model was such a competent car.

So how does the all-new Civic compare to the previous model? Let’s roll out the spec sheet.

How much bigger is the all-new Civic?

There has been a lot of feedback about the all-new Civic’s design. There are a lot who pointed out its more mature design, almost like an executive sedan. While it has the look of a much-bigger car, is it really that much larger than the older Civic?

Per the spec sheet, the 2022 model is 4,678 mm long, 1,802 wide, and 1,415 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,735mm. For comparison, the tenth-gen model was 4,659 mm long, 1,799 mm wide, and 1,416 mm tall. Its wheelbase is 2,698 mm long.

In terms of length, width, and height, there’s not much in it. So why does the 2022 Civic look so much bigger? It’s down to the much longer wheelbase.

How do the interiors compare?

More carmakers are opting for the minimalist look, and Honda is no exception. The 2022 Civic adapts the “Man Maximum, Machine Minimum” design philosophy that was first seen in the third-generation HR-V. Compared to the previous Civic, the look is cleaner and more upright.

The previous model had a wide, curved-dash look with rakish lines and angles. The new one has more serious-looking straight lines. Comparing the look, the 2022 looks more spacious thanks to open spaces and more storage bins. It also helps that the cabin itself is larger than before thanks to the longer wheelbase and wider body.

What are the new features in the 2022 Civic?

Given that the C-segment has moved upmarket, it’s no surprise that the all-new Civic is packed with features even as a base model. This is especially true when it comes to safety features. Whereas the older base Civic had dual airbags, stability control, and traction control, the all-new model has features previously reserved for more expensive Hondas.

From now on, local-spec models come with Honda Sensing standard. Honda Sensing is the company's active safety system that helps prevent accidents from happening in the first place. It includes features such as Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation System with Lane Departure Warning (RDM with LDW), Auto High-Beam (AHB), Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow (ACC with LSF), and Lead Car Departure Notification System. Six airbags are also standard across the range.

Also, all models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a digital instrument cluster, and a floating infotainment screen. The RS model benefits from a racier exterior design, black wheels, a Sport drive mode, wireless charging, and paddle shifters. Another class-first for the Civic is wireless Apple CarPlay for the RS model.

Does it have more power?

Before we answer that question, it’s worth saying that ALL Honda Civic models now have turbo power standard. The 1.5-liter turbo that was reserved for the RS is now available in the lower-spec models, namely the S and the V. But that’s not the only good news for the 2022 model.

The 1.5-liter turbo engine makes a little more horsepower and a lot more torque. The 2016-2021 Civic turbo made 173 PS and 220 Nm of torque, but the redesigned Civic now packs 178 PS and 240 Nm of torque. That’s an increase of 5 PS and, more importantly, 20 Nm of torque. The all-new Civic is just slightly heavier, too, so expect it to be faster than the outgoing generation.

Let’s talk pricing.

Here’s a side by side comparo of the previous and current Civic prices:

2021 Civic:
Civic 1.8 S CVT: PHP 1,115,000

Civic 1.8 E CVT: PHP 1,188,000

Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT: 1,615,000

2022 Civic:

Civic S Turbo CVT: PHP 1,290,000

Civic V Turbo CVT: PHP 1,498,000

Civic RS Turbo CVT: PHP 1,690,000

As you can see, prices have gone up substantially, particularly for the base and mid-level versions. However, you have to consider the new features and specifications of the all-new car. All things considered, it can be said that it’s worth it. Of course, the only way we can say it’s truly worth it is once we get to drive it in the real world.

Of course, the outgoing Civic is still one of the best cars in its class. Not only that, these models are fantastic bargains in the used market. So if you’re looking for a second-hand Honda Civic, or other Honda models, check out our inventory at Automart.PH.