Step by step guide on how to replace a lost driver's license

Step by step guide on how to replace a lost driver's license

Updated on June 07 2024

Losing your driver's license can be stressful, but the process to replace it doesn't have to be. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the hassle-free process of replacing your lost license, ensuring you're back on the road legally and smoothly.

1. Secure an Affidavit of Loss

The first step is obtaining an Affidavit of Loss from a notary public or attorney-at-law. Be ready to pay a nominal fee of P100 - P250 and bring a valid ID as proof of identity. Detail the circumstances of the loss, including the time and location. Ensure the address matches what's on your lost license for verification purposes.

2. Visit the Nearest LTO Branch

Head to the nearest Land Transportation Office (LTO) branch. Avoid DLRC centers; go to a non-DLRC branch for license replacements. Present your Affidavit of Loss and valid ID at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk. Fill out the provided form and submit it at Window 2 for verification.

3. Pay the Necessary Fees

Move to Window 1, where you'll be informed of the replacement fee P472.63 (Subject to change). No need for a new photo or signature; they have it in their database. If you wish to update your photo or address, a separate process and additional fees apply. Pay the replacement fee at Window 5.

4. Receive Your New License

Wait for your name to be called at Window 6 for the release of your new license. If unavailable at the branch, follow the instructions given by the clerk. Your new license will have the same validity as the lost one.

Additional Tips

  • If your lost license is up for renewal, provide a medical examination certificate. For delinquent licenses, complete required examinations. Delinquent status indicates past traffic violations.

  • Avoid driving without a license to prevent additional penalties and potential loss of driving privileges.

  • Act promptly; apply for a replacement as soon as your license is lost.

Replacing a lost driver's license is a straightforward process when you follow these steps. By staying proactive and adhering to the guidelines, you'll swiftly navigate the procedure and regain your driving freedom. Remember, keeping your license intact is the best way to avoid such situations, but if the need arises, this guide ensures a hassle-free resolution. Stay legal, stay safe on the roads!