These are the driving violations and fines in the Philippines

The driving violations and fines in the Philippines

Updated on June 23 2024

As a driver, it is very important to practice safe driving in the road. Doing so will save lives and avoid troubles that can cause financial problems. An effective way to do that is to be aware of traffic violations and its corresponding fines.

In this article, we will talk about the Land Transportation Office or the Metro Manila Development Authority's rules of driving. This applies to most parts in the Philippines, regardless of whatever type of car you are driving. But before we begin, it's worth noting that some fines and penalties are higher or lower depending on the Local Government Unit (LGU).

Driving under the influence of drugs 

Needless to say, taking illegal drugs is prohibited by the law. Aside from ruining your health, it can also affect your daily activities and how you interact with other people. According to Republic Act 1o, 586, driving under intoxication of drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance is subject to imprisonment. The law allows police officers to do several tests to confirm intoxication. This includes one leg stand, checking eye contact using flashlight, and drug test. If the MMDA apprehends the driver, they face a minimum fine of PHP 2,000. However, if it's the LTO that catches the intoxicated driver, it's at least PHP 20,000 and up to PHP 500,000 if they cause an accident resulting in death.

Disregarding traffic signs or DTS

As the name says, this violation refers to drivers who doesn’t pay attention to traffic signs while driving on the road, Violators are subject to pay Php 150 in the first, second, and third offense, per the MMDA list. For the LTO, there is no specific violation for that but they can charge you with violating traffic rules and regulations. That one carries a fine of PHP 1,000.

Obstruction of vehicle

This violation refers to blocking of a free passage by an automobile in the highway while dropping off passengers or unloading goods.  This violation also includes those vehicles blocking other automobiles passing the road. The MMDA can give a fine of 150 for the first, second, and third offense. The LTO can also apprehend you for violating traffic rules and regulations and fine you PHP 1,000.

Number coding or color coding

Also known as the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), this regulation aims    to decrease the number of car congestion during busy hours in the streets. Basically, the law restricts the usage of essential public roads by minimizing cars to travel base on the last digit of their plate numbers. Anyone who fails to follow number coding shall pay 300 in the first, second, and third offense. Those fines apply for both MMDA and LTO.

Illegal parking

Wherever you are, always keep in mind to avoid signs with no parking. This means that nobody is allowed to stop or park in areas with existing no parking zones mandated by lot owners and the local government. Hence, parking in front of any personal driveway, in intersections, or within five meters from an intersection, inside four meters from   a driveway, or parking in any area wherein there’s a signal of prohibition, falls within the violation of unlawful parking.

Unloading of passengers and goods for a short period of time in those areas are not allowed as well.  If caught, drivers will be given 5 minutes by the Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA to move. Failure to do so is subject to a fine of 500 in the first, second, and third offense, along with the towing of the car. Violators whose vehicles are not towed are still subject to pay 200 for the first, second, and third violation. But for the LTO, that is filed under violation of traffic rules and regulations and carries a penalty of PHP 1,000.


To manage traffic accordingly, the law restricts drivers to stop or drop off people and products in some places. However, there are drivers who fails to follow this rule especially in EDSA. As such, they are required to pay 150 in the first, second, and third violation.

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