Top 5 7 Seater SUVs in 2022 under 2,000,000 Pesos

Top 5 7 Seater SUVs in 2022 under 2,000,000 Pesos

Updated on April 19 2024

By: Selina Tan, for Automart.PH

When it comes to family hauling, the go-to option back in the day were vans, and to a lesser extent, minivans. With the introduction of affordable SUVs with a seven seat capacity however, that all changed.

Today, let us take a look at some of the best options for you when looking for your next capable, comfortable, and family hauling SUV with a budget of under 2,000,000 Pesos.

5. Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is no longer an uncommon sight on the roads of Manila, and for good reason; it is capable, rugged, practical, reliable, and also with a capacity of seven people. Since its introduction in the country during the mid-2000s, the Toyota Fortuner has consistently been a top seller in the industry. In 2021 alone, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) sold 12,982 Toyota Fortuners, and for this reason, you will be sure that parts and service is easily accessible.

The Toyota Fortuner can be had in multiple variants, from the base 4x2 2.4L G MT to the special GR-S and LTD, for a total of seven. Depending on the variant, you can enjoy either a 2.4L turbocharged diesel engine with 150 PS, and 400 Nm of torque, or a 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine with 204 PS, and 500 Nm of torque. All but the base 4x2 2.4L G MT with a 6 sp6-speedeed manual, gets a 6 speed automatic transmission.

Either engine choices are more than adequate for keeping this big SUV going on the road, but if budget permits and a full load of seven people are often on board, the 2.8L is the way to go.

What the Toyota Fortuner does not perform well in is ride quality. Compared to most of its competitors, it provides a harsh and bouncy ride, similar to that of some pickup trucks, especially when not fully loaded with passengers or cargo.

Interior and safety tech appointments-wise, the Toyota Fortuner is probably one of the most basic SUVs in its class. Cruise control is not available on the lowest two variants. While you have the option of leather seats, they can only be had to start from the Q variant. Lower variants only get fabric seats. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) called Toyota Safety Sense, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Pre-Collision System (PCS), among others, are only available on the Q variants and above. Only three airbags come as standard, and you would need to step up to the 4x2 LTD variant and above to avail of seven. Apple Carplay and Android Auto, however, are standard.

To the discerning car owner, the Toyota Fortuner’s lack of refinement and features might be a deal-breaker. This is further compounded by its price tag which is as follows:

Toyota Fortuner 2.4 4x2 G MT - P1,710,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.4 4x2 G AT - P1,802,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.4 4x2 V AT - P1,932,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4x2 Q AT - P2,089,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4x2 LTD AT - P2,356,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4x4 GR-S AT - P2,514,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4x4 LTD AT - P2,529,000

Looking at the price list of the Toyota Fortuner, we can see that only the V variant and below, which lacks most of the equipment mentioned above, are within budget. The Q variant, which benefits from most of the features and the 2.8L engine, can be had too, but the budget must be stretched by a little.

The Toyota Fortuner is therefore far from being perfect with its lack of standard tech features, harsh ride, and premium price tag, but to most people, its renowned reliability is more than enough to justify the purchase. After all, for some people, a car is just a means of transport, and because of that, it still makes it into the number 5 slot in this list.

4. Nissan Terra

Based on the Nissan Navara which has long been praised to give a class-leading comfortable ride, the Nissan Terra is the choice of many for a traditional body-on-frame SUV without sacrificing ride quality. It rewards drivers with all the capabilities of a big diesel SUV, while still providing ride quality similar to those of less capable crossover SUVs.

The Nissan Terra is available in four different trims, the EL 4x2 MT, VE 4x2 AT, VL 4x2 AT, and the range-topping VL 4x4 AT. No matter which trim model you get, you can enjoy a healthy 2.5L inline 4 turbocharged diesel engine making 190 PS, and 450 Nm of torque, mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Inside the interior, the Nissan Terra gets Nissan’s Zero Gravity Seats. These may sound like a marketing ploy, but in reality, compared to most SUVs in its class, these are truly one of the most comfortable, even on longer rides. For those who often carry more than five people, and would often have the need to utilize the third-row seats, a tip-up one-touch function is standard giving drivers the convenience of hitting buttons on the center console to automatically fold and tumble the second-row seats to allow ingress towards the third row.

An 8” (EL 4x2 MT and VE 4x2 AT) or 9” (VL 4x2 AT and VL 4x4 AT) touchscreen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto comes as standard, and so does Nissan’s legendary freezing cold air conditioning system.

Safety features wise, the Nissan Terra is not left out either. You get an impressive Intelligent Rear View Mirror (except EL 4x2 MT), giving you an unobstructed view of the rear with or without your passengers seated at the rear rows. Multiple features of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Suite are available on most trims too sans the base EL 4x2 MT. This includes a 360 degree camera, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, driver alertness monitoring, blind spot indicator system (VL 4x2 AT and above), rear cross traffic alert (VL 4x2 AT and above), hill start assist, and a TPMS. Six airbags are also standard throughout the lineup.

Pricing for the Nissan Terra is as follows:

Nissan Terra 4x2 EL MT - P1,664,000

Nissan Terra 4x2 VE AT - P1,844,000

Nissan Terra 4x2 VL AT - P2,014,000

Nissan Terra 4x4 VL AT - P2,354,000

Based on this price list, we can see that the Nissan Terra is competitively priced, and two of its four variants can still be had within budget. Add a little bit more, or score a slight discount from dealers, and even the 4x2 VL AT will still be in reach.

3. Geely Okavango

The Okavango is an excellent choice for those looking for great ride quality, and an abundance of features. It is powered by a 1.5L three cylinder engine with a 48V Mild Hybrid system called the 48V Electric Motor Synergy making 190, and 300 Nm of torque paired to a seven speed wet clutch dual-clutch transmission. Despite the Okavango’s lack of a diesel engine, which is a usual deal breaker in this segment, the Mild Hybrid system somewhat makes up for the comparatively low fuel economy of its gasoline engines.

The Geely Okavango gives emphasis on passenger comfort and space. It has comfortable seating for seven, with the inclusion of the middle row having three individually reclinable and slidable seats. This 33/33/33 setup increases passenger comfort by giving each middle row passenger the sensation of having their own space. It also benefits from a cavernous cargo capacity of 257 liters without folding any of the seats, 1200 liters with the third row seats folded, and 2050 liters with both the second and third row seats down.

Features wise, the Okavango is also loaded. It comes with a remote start function, a panoramic sunroof (Urban Plus), 360 degree camera (Urban and Urban Plus), and a digital instrument cluster. A 12” touchscreen is available for all variants, but lacks the availability of Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. Owners will have to make do with the provided feature of QDLink phone mirroring instead.

Up to six airbags are available (except Comfort), together with TPMS, ABS, traction control, hill start assist, and hill descent control.

Prices of the Geely Coolray start at P1,503,000 for the Comfort trim, P1,633,000 for the Urban trim, and P1,765,000 for the Urban Plus trim.

2. Ford Everest

When the previous generation Ford Everest first came out in 2015, it took the Philippine market by storm by introducing luxurious amenities and capabilities that redefined the landscape for seven-seater diesel SUVs. It paved the way for its class of SUVs to be seen as more than just a tweaked pickup truck with a cover at the back, and two additional seats. Recently, the Ford Everest was updated as a semi-completely new model dubbed the Next-Gen Gen Ford Everest, and it has once again changed everything.

The Next Gen Ford Everest is still based on the same platform as its previous generation counterpart, but benefits from a track that is two inches wider, and a wheelbase that is two inches longer. This update gives the Next Gen Ford Everest improved ride comfort on the road, and improved capabilities off-road. Its appeal is also heightened by Ford Philippines’ reassurance that its powertrain, while still similar, has had its issues already sorted out.

The Next Gen Ford Everest comes in a variety of trim models and its pricing is as follows:

Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Trend 4x2 AT - P1,799,000

Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Limited 4x2 AT - P1,999,000

Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Sport 4x2 AT - P2,089,000

Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Titanium+ 4x2 AT - P2,179,000

Ford Everest 2.0 Bi-Turbo Titanium+ 4x4 AT - P2,495,000

While prices are steep, the Next-Gen Ford Everest rewards you with class-leading features and comfort not found in any other SUV in its segment. Its noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) suppression are fantastic, and so is the smooth power delivery from either of its engine plus transmission combination.

The Trend and 2.0 Limited trims for example, while being the bottom two variants, and are priced below P2,000,000 already come with a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine making 170 PS and 405 Nm of torque, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. LED headlights with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), 18” rims, smart keyless entry with push button start, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat, and an 8” digital instrument cluster are all available too, giving owners the look and feel of a top trim vehicle.

The center stack is also the most advanced in its class sporting a Tesla-like 10” portrait-oriented touchscreen that comes with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and a high definition reverse camera. Eight speakers and seven airbags are standard across the range, as well as the inclusion of reverse sensors (front sensors also included in all but the base Trend trim).

1. Chery Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T

The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T is the Chinese manufacturer’s answer to the tarnished reputation it has left in the minds of Filipinos from the decade before. It comes with a smooth 1.6L turbocharged gasoline engine making 195 PS and 290 Nm of torque, mated to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

The interior is exceptional. It provides amenities that benefit not just the driver, but also its passengers. Brown quilted leather seats with great ergonomics are found throughout the cabin, and so do premium feeling materials that are soft to the touch. The headrests on the first two rows feature butterfly ears to cradle one's head, just like in airplanes. A duplicate power seat switch is accessible to the rear right passenger, allowing them to move the front passenger seat without much fuss when being chauffeured. A panoramic sunroof also pampers all seven passengers. On the infotainment side of things, a digital instrument cluster, eight speakers, and a 12.3” touchscreen with Apple Carplay and QDLink gives this SUV a modern and luxurious touch.

Behind the wheel, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T is smooth and composed. Power delivery, as well as comforts leave little to be desired, and it also handles well for its size. Its impressive suite of safety features such as adaptive cruise control with low speed follow, lane keep assist with centering that works even in slow traffic conditions, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and autonomous emergency braking, just to name a few, make it practically self-driving, and one of the best in the industry.

The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6T is the most surprisingly value for money vehicle in this list. It has interior materials, refinement levels, and features that are usually only found on vehicles from the class above. It gives so much for its price, costing only P1,700,000. Chery Philippines even provides an industry leading 7 year or 200,000 Km warranty, making its value proposition unbeatable, and therefore deserves the number 1 slot on this list.


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Content Editor Kyle Liong contributed to this story.