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Used and Repossessed Toyota Hiace For Sale in the Philippines.

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At A Glance: 2004-Present Toyota Hiace


At A Glance 

There is no doubt which is the top-selling van in the Philippines. That would be the Toyota Hiace, and it's been that way for decades...literally. Whether it's bringing people or cargo, there is always a Hiace out there delivering the goods. The Hiace, along with other vans, are some of the hardest-working vehicles in the country.

The Hiace has been around for decades but its popularity shot up in the mid-00s. That generation of Hiace launched in 2004 was the literal definition of function over form with its box-on-wheels design. While it seems that there was no effort in its design, its upright shape helps it maximize the space inside, which is what a van is all about.

It would take 15 years before an all-new Hiace would debut. Launched in 2019, Toyota moved the engine to the front, giving it a longer crumple zone in case of an accident. The redesigned Hiace is also longer, wider, and taller than the model it replaced, making it more spacious and comfortable. However, Toyota still sells the previous-generation Hiace as the Commuter.

Pros Cons
  • Trusted by millions...literally
  • Choppy ride in 2004-2019 models
  • Proven reliability record
  • High fuel consumption with 4-speed automatic
  • High payload and loading capacity
  • 2.5-liter D-4D strained when fully loaded
  • Wide variety of body styles and configurations
  • Transmissions are often overworked
  • Much improved fuel economy in 2019-current models
  • Turbo failures due to lack of maintenance/not being cooled down
  • Better ride and handling in front-engined versions
  • Wind stability in early Commuter models
  • Upgraded to 3.0-liter D-4D by 2016, still used by Cargo version
  • New 2.8-liter D-4D in Commuter, GL Grandia, Tourer, and Super Grandia offers more power than ever
  • 2019-current editions rated five stars for safety (ASEAN NCAP)


Good buy or goodbye? 

Being the Philippines' best-selling van for years, there is no shortage of second-hand Hiace models in the second-hand market. The long production run also means a continuous stream of them for years to come. That means you shouldn't rush buying a used Hiace.

We advise avoiding the early models. By this time, most of those units have clocked well over 100,000 kms and have likely lived a hard life. Mind you, 100,000 kms is a piece of cake for the Hiace. Still, if you want a Hiace that will give you more for what you pay for, it's better to go for the 2016 and up models for the “flatnose” body. Those came with the 3.0-liter turbodiesel from the Fortuner, and was far less strained than the old 2.5-liter that preceeded it. It also gets better fuel economy since it has to work less. However, fuel economy isn't its strongest point, particularly the ones equipped with automatic transmissions.

But the best advice we can give is to buy the 2019 to current version with the engine moved in front of the driver. The relocation of the engine meant it scored higher in crash test ratings. This generation also brought in more safety features, proving that a van is more than just a box on wheels.

If you go for either generation, the Hiace is still a good buy, indeed. Just be sure proof of proper maintenance is there, especially in high-mileage examples. Yes, the Hiace is durable, but that doesn't mean it's invincible.


  • Commuter 2.5 M/T D-4D (2004-2016)
  • Commuter 3.0 M/T D-4D (2016-present)
  • Cargo 3.0 M/T D-4D (2020-current)
  • Grandia GL 2.5 M/T D-4D (2004-2016)
  • Grandia GL 2.5 A/T D-4D (2004-2016)
  • Grandia GL 3.0 M/T D-4D (2016-2019)
  • Grandia GL 3.0 A/T D-4D (2016-2019)
  • Super Grandia 2.5 A/T (2007-2016)
  • Super Grandia 3.0 A/T (2016-2019)
  • LXV 2.5 A/T D-4D (2015-2016)
  • LXV 3.0 A/T D-4D (2016-2019)
  • Commuter Deluxe 2.8 M/T D-4D (2019-present)
  • GL Grandia 2.8 M/T D-4D (2019-present)
  • GL Grandia 2.8 A/T D-4D (2019-present)
  • GL Grandia Tourer 2.8 M/T D-4D (2019-present)
  • GL Grandia Tourer 2.8 A/T D-4D (2019-present)
  • Super Grandia 2.8 A/T (2019-present)
  • Super Grandia Elite 2.8 A/T (2019-present)

Dimensions and capacities:


  • 4,695 mm (2004-present Commuter/Cargo)
  • 4,840 mm (2007-2019 Grandia GL/Super Grandia)
  • 5,380 mm (2015-2019 LXV)
  • 5,265 mm (2019-present Commuter Deluxe/Grandia GL)
  • 5,915 mm (2019-present Grandia GL Tourer)
  • 5,300 mm (2019-present Super Grandia/Super Grandia Elite)


  • 1,695 mm (2004-present Commuter/Cargo)
  • 1,880 mm (2006-2019 Grandia GL/Super Grandia/LXV)
  • 1,950 mm (2019-present Commuter Deluxe/Grandia GL/Grandia GL Tourer)
  • 1,970 mm (2019-present Super Grandia/Super Grandia Elite)


  • 1,980 mm (2004-present Commuter/Cargo)
  • 2,105 mm (2006-2019 Grandia GL/Super Grandia)
  • 2,285 mm (2015-2019 LXV)
  • 1,990 mm (2019-present Commuter Deluxe/Grandia GL/Super Grandia/Super Grandia Elite)
  • 2,280 mm (2019-present Grandia GL Tourer)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 liters

Max Cargo Area: N/A

Ground Clearance: 175 mm – 195 mm

Wading capacity: N/A



  • 2.5-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC, Turbo (All 2004-2016 models)
  • 3.0-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC with Intercooler (2016-2019 models/2019-present Commuter and Cargo)
  • 2.8-liter diesel, 4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve DOHC Variable Nozzle Turbo with Air-cooled Intercooler


  • 102 HP (All 2004-2016 models)
  • 136 HP (2016-2019 models/2019-present Commuter and Cargo)
  • 163 HP (2019-present Grandia GL Tourer)
  • 176 HP (2019-present Commuter Deluxe/Grandia GL/Super Grandia)


  • 260 Nm (All 2004-2016 models)
  • 300 Nm (2016-2019 models/2019-present Commuter and Cargo)
  • 420 Nm (2019-current Commuter Deluxe/Grandia GL Tourer)
  • 450 Nm (2019-current Grandia GL/Super Grandia)

Transmission Options: 

  • 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual (2004-2019 models/2019-present Commuter and Cargo)
  • 6-speed manual (2019-present)
  • 6-speed automatic (2019-present)

Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive

Fuel Economy and Range: 

  • City: 6.2 km/l (Super Grandia 2.5 A/T) to 8.1 km/l (Super Grandia Elite 2.8 A/T)
  • Highway: 12.3 km/l (Super Grandia 3.0 A/T) to 14.3 km/l (Super Grandia Elite 2.8 A/T)
  • Estimated range: 434 km to 1,001 kms per full tank



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