Common car problems you need to fix for the rainy season

Common car problems you need to fix for the rainy season

Updated on June 22 2024

By Melvin Magadia for Automart.PH

METRO MANILA, – The rainy season is here again.

At this time of the year, your driving skill will be tested. Driving during the rainy season will also put a lot of strain on the condition of your vehicle. For this reason, proper maintenance is crucial.

During the rainy season, your car is also more prone to experiencing mechanical issues. You will be driving through flooded roads and other weather-related problems.

Before learning how to prepare your vehicle for the coming rainy season, it is worth identifying the common mechanical problems your car will likely suffer. Let’s check out some of these and learn how you can avoid them.

Dead battery

During the rainy season, dropping temperatures may cause the battery to work double time, especially when starting the engine.

Also, during the rainy season, more power is needed and consumed by different car systems. The fog headlights, windshield wiper, car heater or air-conditioning unit and sound system require more power during the rain, which could eventually reduce the capacity of the car battery.

Consider buying a new battery if it is already three or four years old. You can also conduct regular inspections. Check your car battery to see if it has enough power to pull through the rainy season.

Tire pressure

Your car’s tire pressure will fluctuate during low temperatures.

It will also decrease when stationary. During the rainy season, the tires could experience irregular wear and tear. Tire pressure problems could lead to a total tire blowout.

Make it a habit to check your tire pressure before you hit the road or when already driving. If you don’t know the recommended tire pressure for your car, check the owner’s manual or check the label on the driver’s side pillar.

Foggy windows and windshield

During the rainy season, another common problem you may encounter are foggy windows and windshields. This usually happens because of different air temperatures meeting on your car’s windshield. Foggy windows result from the warm air from the cabin meeting the cold air of the windshield.

To avoid this, decrease the temperature inside the cabin to match  the air outside. Just make sure you have a jacket or sweater as it may become cold inside your car.

Another way to reduce the fog is to switch on the defrost vent with cool air or replacing the air source inside your car.

Failing windshield wipers

In a heavy downpour, windshield wipers are supposed to be your best friend.

If you have old wipers, it may not be as efficient in clearing the windshield of excess water and moisture. It may be a good idea to replace the wiper rubber or blades at least once or twice a year.

Thickening fluids

Temperature drops during the rainy season may cause car fluids to thicken, affecting their movement in the car’s system.  

Car fluids like engine oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid lose their viscosity. Inspecting the car fluids will help prevent breakdown and keep your car running in good condition during inclement weather.

If the level of your engine oil is low, you can either refill or replace the oil altogether. Check the coolant reservoir and refill if necessary. Avoid opening the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

For the washer fluid, refill the washer reservoir with clean water or any type of washer fluid. Also, you can make it a habit to check the car fluids when filling up your gas tank.

Malfunctioning vehicle lights

Aside from the windshield wiper, the lights also contribute to increasing visibility of the road and surroundings during heavy downpours and foggy conditions.

It will also help your car to be seen by other drivers and pedestrians. Failing vehicle lights will not only endanger other drivers, but also pedestrians on the road.

Aside from the danger it poses, driving a car with busted taillights or headlights is illegal and will merit a violation ticket from the authorities. The fine for driving with a defective taillight is P5,000. Not only that, your vehicle may also be impounded until you replace or properly install the said part.

During the rainy season, it is best not to go out unless it is necessary. However, if you really need to, ensure that your vehicle is ready to brave the expected flood and heavy rains associated with the season.

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