Top 15 Sites to Buy a Used Car in the Philippines

Top 15 Sites to Buy a Used Car in the Philippines

Updated on July 23 2024

If you’re looking for the best sites to buy a used car in the Philippines, know that there are several options where you can check awesome vehicles.

Nowadays, looking for second-hand cars is so easy because you can simply go online and find all the details that you need.

You only need your computer or smartphone and the internet to start browsing through used cars for sale in the Philippines.

To help you with your search for the right vehicle for your needs, here are the top 15 sites where you can buy a used car.


Automart.Ph Logo


For repossessed and used cars, many buyers trust Automart.Ph. What’s great about Automart.Ph is that you’ll get truly affordable used cars because there’s no premium being charged to the buyers.

Gone are the days when you had to pay the middleman a huge sum just to get the car that you want. Automart.Ph makes the process of buying a used car seamless. Some of Automart.Ph's partners include the major banks in the Philippines.

With this, customers have the option to choose from thousands of cars in the inventory at rock-bottom prices. It's because these are repossessed cars that banks need to let go and don't need to profit from.

Automart.Ph is proud of its highly-experienced professional sales advisers. This goes to show that it is much more than just a website for car listings. The advisers are available to help customers at every step of their buying process.  

Now, Automart.Ph has several car lots available all around the country where you can visit and check out used cars. The locations include Quezon City, Paranaque, Davao City, Panabo City, and Cebu City.

Autodeal Logo


With Autodeal, they promise car buyers a more simplified process when it comes to purchasing cars. You can search for cars, both new and used, and then compare them to hundreds of other vehicles as well as auto-financing deals.

Autodeal provides car buyers with hassle-free services, easily connecting them with official car dealerships in the Philippines. You can search for various cars according to body types such as SUVs, pickup trucks, hatchbacks, crossovers, and sedans.

There is also a feature section where you can find promos, special offers, and discounts for many automotive brands.



Carmudi allows car lovers to buy and sell cars through their website. It is a user-friendly car marketplace that makes a lot of the confusing car buying processes simple and easy.

The goal of Carmudi is to provide car buyers to get the best shopping experience in purchasing cars.

The vehicles for sale online in Carmudi’s platform have been carefully selected. It means that you can be sure that you’ll get the best selection of cars.



As one of the leading portals for automotive classified ads, Philkotse provides a comprehensive database where car buyers and sellers can easily do their transactions online.

Car buyers can look for both new and used cars in Philkotse. They also emphasize the many benefits that car sellers can enjoy by posting their listing on the site such as ensuring exposure and reach to people who are looking to buy used cars in the Philippines.



Dedicated to providing the best cars for sale in the Philippines, Philmotors has over 3,000 used cars in their inventory. This car portal is trusted by many and is easy to use.

Philmotors has over 200 car agents located all over the country to help you with your car purchase. Sellers can also advertise their cars free of charge.

Philmotors’ car selections include all minor and major brands and all types of vehicles.



Autotrade is another car dealer that is trusted all over the country. Car buyers can check their website and search for cars by brand and type. The website also features the latest vehicles in Autotrade’s inventory.

You’ll find all of the important details you need about the car you’re checking out such as the model, price and whether it’s negotiable, the vehicle’s description, its condition, and when the listing was posted.



As a dedicated website for cars, Zigwheels promises car buyers that purchasing a car in the Philippines is now so easy. On the website, you can look at the full information on cars for sale, both new and used.

There are also guides when it comes to car price lists. You can check out cars from various brands like Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota, among others. Zigwheels also offer great car promos, dealer information, car reviews, and more.



Tsikot is a car website where you can buy and sell both used and new cars in the Philippines. Apart from cars, they also feature motorbikes and even auto parts. Searching for your dream car is easy with Tsikot.

You can simply search by keyword, condition, make, model, body type, price range, and location in the Philippines.

Tsikot also offers various services related to cars such as engine repairs, towing and auto transportation, body and detailing, car insurance, and financing.



With PricePrice, you can easily compare different products. It is a price comparison website where you can check the cars that you like.

PricePrice offers different methods for you to search for vehicles in the Philippines. You can check by price, promo, brand, model, and body type.

They have a good selection when it comes to used cars. PricePrice is also a website where you can buy car parts and accessories.



CarfinderPH has so many helpful guides for both car buyers and car sellers. They offer some of the best car deals in the Philippines.

CarfinderPH also offers automotive services as well as car accessories to people looking for the best prices for these products and services.

Apart from selling used cars, CarfinderPH also provides tips on how you can find your dream car and get the best value for your money.



If you’re looking for the latest news about cars, you should definitely check out TopGear.

They have news about the car industry, the latest car models in the market, top stories about cars and professional race car drivers, and so many articles featuring the best cars in the market today.

These stories will surely inspire you to look into what car is best for you. If you’re a new car owner, you can benefit from reading TopGear’s many informative articles.



Searching for used cars in the Philippines is so easy. With UsedCarsPhil, you can search by model, price, year, mileage, transmission, and brand.

You can even search within your city or region so you can visit the unit and check it yourself.

There’s also an option on the website where you can simply pick among the price ranges so your search for your dream car will be much smoother.



Automobilico is another awesome used car dealer. They have their showroom at SM City Bicutan and they have the largest mall-based car lot in the country.

Their showrooms accommodate about 300 vehicles that car buyers can check. Automobilico is proud of the trust and transparency that they offer their car buyers and sellers.

Each client has an assigned account manager who will help in every step of the process.



In HMRBid, you can find all types of cars at reasonable and affordable prices. They ensure that all of the vehicles advertised on their website are in excellent working condition.

HMRBid assures its customers that they will get more than their money’s worth if they choose to buy a used car from their site.

Car buyers can check out the HMR Auto Auctions for the best deals.



Trovit offers a clean and no-nonsense website where you can look for used cars for sale in the Philippines.

Simply search the make, model, or car type that you want and it will immediately give you a lot of options to choose from. You can also search by city or region so you can easily see what cars for sale are available in your location.

Trovit operates in all major cities in the Philippines so you’re sure to have great options available for you when you’re looking to buy a used car.



Carousell offers all pre-loved products that you can think of, from properties to cars, gadgets, and more.

You have the option to check new cars or used ones. It also offers vehicle rentals and other automotive services.

Searching for your dream car is easy because you can just filter the search results by year, transmission, fuel type, mileage, and more. You can even see the time and date when the listings for used cars were posted.

When it comes to selling or buying used cars in the Philippines, Carousell can definitely make the process a lot more convenient.

OLX Used Cars, Sulit Used Cars and AyosDito Used Cars


Remember these guys? Technically, none of them are around anymore as brand names, but OLX Used Cars, Sulit Used Cars and AyosDito Used Cars all technically started the ball rolling in terms of Online Philippine UsedCar Buying. All the other guys up top owe something to these guys who pioneered the online car marketplace.

They're all gone now, gone the way of corporate mergers and buyouts, but the search volumes for them remain strong.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have 15 of the best websites where you can buy a used car in the Philippines, you won’t have any trouble when it comes to running out of options.

Each of these websites has thousands of cars in their inventory. You can search as thoroughly as you wish until you find the best car that will fit your needs.