What to do if your car is flooded?

What to do if your car is flooded?

Updated on June 06 2024

By: Ricardo S. Lazo, for Automart.ph

Rainy days are here! Beware as flooded roads can cause damage to cars, especially in a flash flood and flooded streets. Got stuck in a flood? Let Automart help you how to deal with it.

During the flood

A flood can be shallow and manageable. But, if your car is caught in a high flood, stay calm. Yes, there`s the initial panic in times like this; it`s best to remain focused and vigilant. Flood mishap is inevitable. Here are some tips to do in high gushing water:

  1. Leave your car and seek higher ground but brave only when it’s safe to do so.
  2. If your car is swept into the water and submerged, Don’t panic. Wait for the car to fill with water. To open a door, the water pressure needs to be equalized between the outside and the inside.
  3. If you`re stranded on an object above the floodwater, like a building or tree, stay where you are and wait for rescue.
  4. When the help arrives, remain calm and follow the directions of the rescue team.

After the flood

If your car is submerged, you could be stuck with costly bills without the right type of insurance. Restoration can be minor or expensive depending on the water level, and the length of exposure to the flooded roadway. At this point, it`s all about reducing the damages and curbing expenses to repair an inundated vehicle.  Here are some tips on dealing with a car that has been in the water:

  1. Don’t start a flooded car immediately; you could cause more damage.
  2. When the flood receded, survey the damage. Take a closer and constant check that take weeks to do.
  3. Vacuum dry the car or use absorbent towel and flatten them against the interior parts.
  4. Open ventilate the car for days to weeks.
  5. Check the oil and other fluids. With water, better change them.
  6. Test the car’s electrical components repeatedly.
  7. Take more pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle.
  8. File an insurance claim for comprehensive policy.
  9. Weigh your options. Repair, resell or buy another. if the repair cost is higher or equal to the price of a new car, then decide.

No matter how prepared we are, there’s always something out of control. Here are practical tips: if you’re in flooded prone, park on a higher or safety grounds; monitor weather advisory; and decide whether to forgo your travel, simply commute or stay indoors for safety.

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