Updated on June 11 2024

The conception that a low-miler car is better than a high-miler is not usually valid. Ric Lazo of Automart sheds light on the common misconception about low mileage. Read on to know why low-miler may not be the right choice.

An average car runs about 12,000 miles each year. If the car is 5 years and has a mileage of 55,000 is a good buy. Reflect on the following before engaging:

  1. Potential problems. A second-hand low-miler may likely be better than the one with many miles covered. Mileage determines the total distance a car has traveled since.   BUT if cars are not driven all the time, you can face a host of problems later.
  2. Is the car taken care of? Having more vehicles in a household made apparent less mileage among cars. Mileage has become a factor when purchasing as many consumers believe it’s better. But this isn’t always the right choice.  Don’t risk low-milers that can cost a lot in repairs if it has not been cared for properly.
  3. Driving practices. Pay attention to the condition and type of driving the car was exposed to. Driving habits of previous owners can cause potential issues. Mileage can be misleading if you don’t know how many previous owners. Having only one  isn’t an issue. A 30,000-mile car with past owners isn’t a better purchase than a high-miler with single owner and complete records.
  4. Inspection by a professional. Low mileage is typically city-driven in a stop-and-go traffic or short trips, which puts more strain on the drivetrain. A car must be driven long enough as it’s meant to be.  Less mileage could mean the vehicle’s parts aren’t in good condition. It requires a thorough inspection.

Ideal Mileage to buy

A four-year old car that records 30,000 mileages is the better buy than the one of the same age with 45,000 mileages. The ideal is 12,000 miles (19,312 kilometers) per year to determine whether a second-hand has reasonable mileage.  It’s a good guide to use whether you’re buying a used car, truck or SUV.

Much higher or lower miles could manifest future problems. Anything significantly higher than 48,000 miles for that used car is considered high; conversely, shorter than that is low mileage.

Low Mileage isn’t always good

A low-miler car that’s regularly serviced can provide peace of mind even if it's rather old. Choosing a high-miler that’s well-maintained is better than a low-miler. Here’s why:

  1. Car parts degrade. When stored longer, used cars can cause rubber gaskets and seals to dry out, and can lead to radiator failure. Moisture in the gas and fluid can result in internal rust.
  2. Can be expensive. Low mileage can be practical for your needs but not necessarily a good buy because you may not get your investment back.
  3. Old models.  In most cases, they are not fairly driven and have been stocked for longer periods.
  4. No warranties. Old models can have their warranties at near expiration, if not  already elapsed. So you need to re-enroll a policy for coverage.  The car’s condition and service records are important considerations. Anyway, there’re some revealing signs of whether the car has been driven too much. To be sure, visit Automart.Ph for the right purchase of a used car that provides the ideal choice worth your money, and enjoy the ride with no worries .

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