Watch out Hilux, the 2022 Ford Ranger has debuted

Watch out Hilux, the 2022 Ford Ranger has debuted

Updated on June 08 2024

As good as the current Ford Ranger is, there's no hiding back its age. The platform it uses, the T6, over a decade old already. It was first revealed in Australia in October 2010 and launched in the Philippines in 2012. There have been several facelifts and updates since then, but the competition has caught up, and in some ways, surpassed this model.

Thankfully Ford has reveal the next-generation Ranger, shedding all its camouflage and showing its skin. It has a lot to live up for and a strong reputation to uphold given that the outgoing model is still competitive.

What are the exterior changes to the 2022 Ford Ranger?

At the front, there are C-shaped headlights that makes it look more like a baby F-150, along with some cues from the compact Maverick pick-up. The grille in this one also makes it look even larger than the already sizable current generation Ranger. Speaking of sizable, the fenders are more emphasized than the outgoing model. The wider fenders also make the 2022 Ranger 50 mm wider than the outgoing model, and the wheelbase has been stretched by 50 mm as well.

The bed of the 2022 Ranger also gets increased versatility. For instance, it is available with a cargo management system. It takes the hassle out of stowing items safely and securely, giving customers storage solutions to secure cargo. It also gets an integrated sidestep that makes reaching items in the bed no longer requires standing on the rear wheel. Most models come standard with a bedliner, and it also has divider slots for a more flexible cargo area.

What else did Ford do to the 2022 Ranger?

According to Ford, the frame has been heavily modified and now uses hydroformed rails for an even stiffer structure. That should make this new truck even more robust and durable than ever. The new frame also allows the Ranger to have an improved cooling system to make it more resistant to high engine temperatures.

How is the interior of the 2022 Ranger like?

One of Ford's goals for the 2022 Ranger is a more upmarket interior. With that, the automaker added more soft-touch materials and a more minimalist dashboard. The design is more angular than the outgoing model and takes some inspiration from the F-150. The Ranger also adapts a “floating” center stack for additional storage space at the front.

But dominating the interior is the new touchscreen infotainment system. It takes center stage with its vertical screen that spans nearly the entire height of the dashboard. Entry-level and mid-spec versions get a 10.1-inch display, while higher-grade models have the larger 12.1-inch screen. The software used in the Ranger's infotainment system can also be accept system updates. That means there is no need to get a new head unit, even years after its launch.

How many engine options does the all-new Ranger have?

And now, for the engines. Ford has retired the 2.2-liter TDCI diesel. However, that doesn't mean there are limited engine choices. There are four to choose from, namely three turbodiesels and one turbo-gas option. From now on, the base engine will be 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel that's currently used in the two-wheel drive Wildtrak versions. This engine will also power the lower-spec XLT. There's also the 2.0-liter BiTurbo version that's seeing duty in the four-wheel drive models.

But for the first time ever, the Ranger is available with a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel sourced from Volkswagen. Last but not least is a 2.3-liter EcoBoost gas engine similar to the one used in the base Mustang. For now, Ford is not releasing any horsepower and torque figures, but expect the Ranger to have 180 PS at the very least.

Ranger transmission options include a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, and ten-speed automatic. Also, four-wheel drive Rangers get a full-time full-time system, similar to the one used in the Everest 4WD. There are more drive modes as well, which should make it even more capable off-road.

When will the all-new Ranger arrive in the Philippines?

There is no definite answer for that yet. Given that the Philippines is one of the important markets for the Ranger, there is a good chance that it might land here by mid-2022.

Either way, expectations are high for this model since the outgoing model was rated best-in-class for many years. With that in mind, the current model is still a solid buy. They're even better value when you look for them in the used car market. If you're looking for a second-hand Ranger or other used Ford models, check out our stocks at our website, Automart.PH. We have a wide variety on offer so give us a call and book an appointment today.