2022 Ford Everest: What We Know So Far

2022 Ford Everest: What We Know So Far

Updated on June 10 2024

Just weeks after Ford held the global premiere of the all-new Ranger, the American automaker showed a teaser of the next-generation Everest. This comes as a bit of a surprise since, in the past, Ford took their time between releasing the Ranger and the Everest. Still, that's good news for us consumers.

So what can we expect in the all-new Ford Everest? Here is what we know so far.


Since the very first generation, the Everest has shared the front end design with the Ranger. It's no different for the 2022 edition. As seen in the teaser, the all-new SUV will have the pick-up's C-shaped headlights and bolder grille. Of course, it won't be a complete “copy-paste” of the Ranger's front end. Expect a few changes to the bumper to give it more distinction. The fenders and front doors will likely be the same as the Ranger.

As for the rest of the body, the styling is more angular and upright. It stays in tune with Ford's current design language for trucks and SUVs as seen in its US offerings. The rear is an evolution of the outgoing model's look with additional LEDs. There are no official numbers yet, but the 2022 Everest is expected to be larger than the previous model.


Ford is going all out in digital interiors and the 2022 Everest will be no exception. Since even the most basic Ranger has a digital instrument cluster, you can expect the same for the all-new Everest. You can also expect it to come standard with the large vertical touchscreen Thankfully, the air-conditioning controls are still physical buttons.


Given Ford's commitment to safety, you will also see the Ranger's active safety systems to appear on the Everest. Some of these features include land departure warning, lane keeping assist, steering assist, among other things. Higher-spec models are also expected to get automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.


Ford has retired the 2.2-liter TDCI diesel for their pick-ups and SUVs. From now on, the base engine will be 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel that's currently used in the two-wheel drive Sport and Titanium versions. This engine will also power the lower-spec Trend, should Ford continue offering that variant. There's also the 2.0-liter BiTurbo version that's seeing duty in the four-wheel drive Titanium. Ford will also include a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel for the Everest, but it will likely be an option for the 4x4 model or exclusive to a new top of the line variant. Ford is not releasing any horsepower and torque figures, but expect the Everest to have 180 PS at the very least. Transmission options include a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, and ten-speed automatic.

For now, that's some of the details about the next-gen Ford Everest. With its launch coming sooner than later, it's also a good time to buy a second-hand Everest, or even a used Ranger. That's because you can expect resale values to dip, making these Ford vehicles even better bargains. Simply head to our website to see our inventory.