The Results Are In: We Have Our Diesel vs Gas Cars Winner

Our Diesel vs Gas Cars Winner

Updated on June 21 2024

This is it: the conclusion of our three-part blog series about which car you would pick---diesel or gas. In the first installment, Automart.Ph crunched the numbers and the diesel-engined car left the gas-engined car in the dust.

But in the second round, the gas-engined car revved up and evened the score by edging out the diesel-engined car. Now, tied with one win apiece, it’s time for the final round.

So how will this contest be decided? Who better than the people we believe would best make that decision? That’s right, our clients!

Hold up: You Want Them to Judge Between Gas and Diesel Cars?

Yes, we do.

And why shouldn’t we? We believe our clients are perfect for the job---they’re practically suited for it: they’re shopping for used and repossessed cars that offer the best value for money, would tick all the boxes, and fit their needs. 

Industry experts, mechanics, car aficionados, project car junkies, and anyone who loves the smell of gas or diesel for breakfast in the morning are immediately disqualified---especially everyone here Automart.Ph because we’d take all day---all year, in fact (yes, Poch, we’re looking at you, you fun-loving  uber-super-car-fanatic-kaizen-master-be-like-water-my-friend, you). 

So which car type did our judges choose?

Our Winner is… the Gas-Engined Car! Yes, for our clients, the gas-engined car ticked all the boxes. Specifically, the Toyota Vios.

And how did our judges make the vote? With their purchase choices, of course! Over the course of 12 months, we collated the sales figures from all the Automart-managed warehouses from Cabuyao and General Trias, down to Davao City.

Here are the results:

Top Three Car Brands sold at Automart in the last 12-month period (May 2020 to April 2021) are:

The most-sold models were:

The sedan is the most-sold car type.

  • Buyers prefer the sedan over the hatchback for its interior space and seating comfort.
  • Sedans are preferred for their lower prices and more options compared to the MPVs, SUVs, and pickup trucks.
  • Sedans are especially favored in the repossessed sector because buyers can expect prices to be up to 25% less compared to brand-new models. 

There you have it: given the choice between diesel-engined cars and gas-engined cars, our judges picked the practical choice that fit their needs and budgets. And the Toyota Vios is the car model that the majority chose as a safe and secure means for their travels or daily commutes---especially in this time of the pandemic. 

It’s a perfect example of a practicar---a practical car for practical buyers.

And that’s actually how this three-part blog series came about: to answer the questions that many of Automart’s clients ask.

One thing that Automart.Ph really puts emphasis on is giving what its clients need: answers. Not slick marketing nor posh promos; not dropdown deals nor brand favoritism. Only open and unbiased answers about the cars at hand; and prices that are up front, walang patong, and only what Automart’s partner-banks put out. Nothing more.

So if you have a question about cars, or if you’re still canvassing and unsure about the car you want---whether you should go for the diesel-engined Innova, our contest winner, or wondering what your options are if you need a small daily driver, ask away. Be safe out there!